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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bills in Toronto

Ralph realizing he ripped a Billionaire off

Well the Bills are playing a preseason game in Toronto tonight, against the Steelers. The opponent really doesn't matter, since everyone is talking about the game and what a travesty it is that the Bills are playing a home game in another stadium.

Me, I really don't care. The Bills are getting a ton of money for this 8 game package. Don't have to put any work into it, other then the game itself. All I hear today is the gloating over the fact they can't sell out the tickets. Yeah and the Game tonight if it was in the Ralph wouldn't sell out either. There would be 40k in Ralph Wilson and people would be complaining about having to buy a meaningless preseason game. LIKE THEY DO EVERY YEAR! Here you take away that game, leave the popular Kids day game and have cheaper season tickets. Wheres the problem? The team sells more tickets, gets a ton of cash to lease out a couple games (that have problems selling), and increases their market base. Business wise its a win/win for the Bills.

But Bills fans want this deal, to fail miserably. Have empty seats, horrible atmosphere, put down the Toronto fanbase. When actually this whole scheme could be the answer to the Bills staying where they are. The NFL is slowly out pricing its most rabid fanbase. But thats fine since all the games are on tv, and still are a powerful ratings entity. Actually the NFL is better on TV then it is in person. TV ruins the pace of going to a game. Constant long stretches of no action, so the networks can pay for the cost of the games. Instant Replay. Really there isn't much real action in the average NFL game. I have found myself bored at a many a Bills game.

I understand the fear this situation brings in most Bills fans, it brings out that typical Buffalo attitude of oh no, they are going to leave, we're doomed, no one likes us. Just complain about something, don't do a damn thing about it, and expect someone else to help. People, help only comes to those who help themselves. Its why people who can make money, make a lot, because they keep on working and prey on the lazy ones. Anyhow, there are a few factors in why this experiment might not work.

1) The product. The Bills product isn't a very entertaining one to a non Bills fan. They are a boring football team. A new fan probably won't choose the Bills as their team, because really its not flashy or good.

2) Market factors. The Canadian dollar, was its highest in the past year. But now its starting to decline. With the American economy being in its current state. Canada will suffer as well, since the US is a major trading partner. The market might not be strong enough for a product that has small appeal. The Buffalo economy is pretty stagnant and can support the team as is. No need to cultivate new fans, they are born everyday. The exchange rate could be a major issue for an NFL team, like it was in the NHL several years back.

3) The CFL. People dismiss this opponent as a non factor. I don't. Not when you get lawyers involved. The canadians are proud of their own. And sure the NFL is this big bad corporation. Well in America. But NFL failed in Europe. The CFL won't let the NFL enter its territory without a legal fight, and those fights can drag out.

We have 5 years till the deal runs out. Lets see where it goes before throwing in the towel and calling them the Toronto Bills. Maybe I am too optimistic. But I haven't given up on the Bills staying here yet.

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