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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Resurrection of the Turk

Back to the AAFL DJ.

Well its that time of the year, were playbooks start heading to the shredder. And today the Bills reduced their roster to 75, by cutting 5 players.

DJ Fitzpatrick K/P Well I think he knew his fate coming in. Really the Bills should just bring him in every year to take pressure of Moorman and Lindell. If their is one position that's solid in Buffalo, its kicking the football. Hell they should auction off the spot to a guy to make more money, or let some writer embed himself and write about the experience. Oh wait, nevermind. (ed. note awesome book, go and read it)

Kennard Cox CB The last pick this year by the Bills and really the Corner spot is rather a tough one this summer, and there was no spot on the active roster for Cox. But I'm sure a practice squad spot is open if he is still without a job in a couple weeks. The emergence of Ashton Youbouty and the drafting of two higher corners, doomed him.

CJ Hawthorne WR Signed August 4th, released August 26th. The NFL is a bitch. Practice squad maybe. Don't have an opinion on CJ, whats so ever.

Shawn Nua DE Too many guys on the line making lots of money, to keep a guy that doesn't stand out. Sorry Shawn. Was on the Practice Squad last year, but who wasn't. But from the wikipedia, looks like he might have a Super bowl Ring from the Steelers. Can't take that away from you can they?

Matt Baker QB Put on the waived/injured list. Which I think they pay him and tell him to get the hell out of here. You are terrible. YOU CAN'T BEAT OUT GIBRAN HAMDAN. Sorry Matt. But time to look in another career. Or Arena ball or AAFL or Coaching.

Well now we wait till Sunday where the Bills will start really slashing the roster to 53. Really why shouldn't they do that earlier? Because they but in scrubs for the final preseason game? How do they make people pay full price for that final preseason game. What a scam. None of the cuts today are a suprise. But its still bad for these guys. I'll be sure to update next monday on the offical 53 man roster and the preperation for the Seahawks. The NFL is almost here, I can't wait.

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