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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics Post

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Hey its the summer Olympics and I couldn't be happier. We are at the There is nothing on TV part of the summer. And now we have human drama every night of the week, and NBC doesn't even have to make most of it up, its created by the participants, how interesting. Nothing better then a relay race to spark the excitement. I heard about the race, didn't see it on tv. But the replay online is still just as awesome. Honestly I know nothing about swimming from the Olympics year to year. They have meets and world championships, but honestly who cares. But when the Olympics come around, everything matters and having a bunch of Frenchies trash talking the Americans, is uncalled for. Last time I checked, the French don't have much have a swimming background. You guys come out of nowhere and start trash talking? What happened the other night is the type of thing they base movies on.

Thats the type of thing that makes you go USA! USA! USA! I've heard of Michael Phelps, the other guys not so much. And the anchor has been in 2 other Olympics! But thats what the Olympics do to the average sportsfan. We start caring about Fencing and swimming and the Shot Put, even though we know none of the competitors or the sport. But if he's wearing the Stars and Stripes he must be awesome. If he's from Germany, he's a Nazi bastard. France, a bunch of cowards. And don't get me started on those Commies from China. The American could be a child killer in the previous 4 years, but if he gets the gold. He's a national hero. We start noticing sports we didn't know had competitions. Then come September we could care less about them. Its time for Football. A sport that will never be in the Olympics since only one nation would really field a team, well maybe Canada. Imagine a USA Olympic Football team? That would be awesome.

There is something awesome about rooting for you country against another. Its a team we are all apart of. We are Bills fans or Cowboys fans, but we are American fans. We can appreciate the other teams, but really we want that Chinese girl to slip off the balance beam. Or the Australian to cramp up in the last 20 meters of the swim. They could be awesome people and save kittens when they aren't competing, but just because they aren't Americans, they have to lose.

The only way to end this post is posting this video. I totally support everything in it.

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