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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hey any one excited about Football?

I don't know about you, but the buzz about the Bills seems rather low around the Buffalo blogosphere. This is an NFL team right? Not some AFL team or low level minor league team, like the Buffalo Sharks. The tickets sold fast, so its obvious people want to go to games, so the excitement level appears high, or its it a small amount of people? Or is the Buffalo blogosphere more Sabre news related then Bills? The newer ones I like to read First time Long time and the Dukes of Awesome give me some Bills stuff. But Bfloblog seems rather apathetic to the season. Though having a child might do that to you.

I on the other hand, am excited for the new season of Buffalo Bills Football. Its a weekly game, every game means something. There are no throw away games like in the NHL season, where November doesn't matter. I'll be excited for hockey. But the Bills are always my first sport love. I will always watch them no matter how bad they might be. I like the current team and how management has built the team around more team oriented guys, then me guys. They have strung out JP Losman, but I think most of us know he is not a NFL starter. He has had his chance, blew it and he'll be a quality backup this year, until being let go and play somewhere else.

Previews will come in the upcoming weeks, after some cuts. The offense looked pretty good against Pittsburgh, so I know they can string some possessions together and actually look like a competent team. But it seems like the team itself has rather low excitement in general. Is it the Toronto stuff? Is it that the Sabres are still the number 1 team in town? When did you see the Sabres signing minor leaguers as news at all? I don't know but I like to troll around and see what people write about the Bills, but its really hard. There isn't that much out there. Its the internet there should be lots of stuff, well I mean funny stuff. Funny made up camp stories. But theres nothing. No one cares it seems. Facebooking the rookies. Who is Reggie Corner?

Well I guess I should look into the mirror, I haven't providing anything of any substance lately. I've been rather a lazy blogger. Blame summer, blame the Olympics, blame doing stuff. This is why I started a blog, because I didn't see what I wanted on the internet and tried to create it myself. Looks like I'll have to pick up the slack, since if I want something, I'll have to make it myself.


TheTick said...

I like that football is back, but I am definitely more of a hockey fan. The Dread Favre Decision has kept me away from much NFL news, though.

Downerguy said...

hooray for football

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