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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Scared of Favre? Not really.

Well when I first heard that Brett may go to the Jets, I was like that would be interesting, because I thought he'd be terrible on the Jets. Ferguson is overrated at tackle. Schobel owned him. And Schobel only owns terrible tackles. Faneca is on the downside of his career. The Steelers don't let really good players leave. Mangold he is pretty good I will admit that. The Jets gave up 53 sacks last year. The Bills 26. So the line was a big issue for the Jets last year and adding a guard probably won't help that much, the Bills added Dockery, but Dockery is heading towards the prime of his career. Faneca is not. Looking at the Jets stats. They need help on defense not the offense.

The Bills defense was terrible last year. But the Jets gave up more points per game and took waaaay more penalties then the Bills, which skews the yards per game category. Because if you take a pass interference penalty thats just as bad as a long pass. The Jets are also not good on the turnover ratio at a -4. And adding a guy like Brett who is prone to making bad mistakes. Probably won't help a team that tends to make bad mistakes.

The Packers were terrible a couple years ago with Favre in the lineup. Well why? Because they depended too much on Favre. The Jets run game isn't that great, and if you put 8 guys in the box. You can defend Brett Favre. I remember when he came into Ralph Wilson a year ago and blew the game for the Packers. Thats the Brett Favre I know. The media tends to glorify him for being the gunslinger. And in todays NFL thats not what you want to be.

Well maybe I'm not buying into the hype and all the nonsense. And no I didn't want Brett Favre on the Bills. And saying to make the move because it would make the Bills relevant? WHO CARES? Its not like you struggle for Bills coverage. With the internets, you can have all the Bills coverage you want. Actually even living in Buffalo you have to use the internet just to find out whats going on, since the local tv news is terrible. I don't need my team to be relevant. I just need them to win. And when they win, they will become relevant again.

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