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Monday, August 18, 2008

Local Olympians

Well the past few days have been good for local Olympians. Not the oh thats nice they competed, but the " oh they got medals" type good. Including above our girl Jenn Stuczynski, who picked up the Silver today in the Pole vault. Which I would never do. Because if someone gave me a pole and said hey run with this, stick it in the ground and try to get over that bar. I would go, you're crazy, I'd break it, fall and probably impale myself with the broken part. But after taking up this event 4 years ago, shes one of the best in the world. Which shows how good an athlete she is, or given the proper training you can make good athletes be great at certain things.

Thats why if I were really interested in getting our kids healthy again, I'd set up programs for the sports Americans are terrible at. Badminton, I'm sure in 10 years, we would have gold medal type Badminton players. And Handball, there is no reason why the USA doesn't even field a team. We should be the best team every year in handball. Hey your 6'4 and like basketball? Well your perfect for handball. Too small to be a soccer goalie, try handball. Nobody in this country plays Water Polo besides Californians and they are doing awesome. Everybody wants to play football or basketball. Well guess what your not going to excel at it, because those are sports were genetics are key. But Ping pong, sorry Table Tennis. You just gotta be quick and play a lot. They might as well have Croquet as a Olympic sport. Which I might add, might be awesome. OHH no he just sent the Canadians ball right off the course, this spells trouble for the Canadian team.

We need to get our kids involved in other sports. Buffalo would be great for handball. Its a cold weather sport, yet in the Summer Olympics, and I bet if we tried we could make the US a gold medal handball team, in 12 years. But the US wants the "marquee' events like Track and Swimming.

Well speaking of the other sports, two WNYers help the rowing squad earn some hardware. Steve Coppola was on the bronze winning mens 8 team (which is the marquee event, I'm told) and the Womens team, who won Gold, was coached by a WNYer Tom Terhaar. We have ice in the water like 7 months of the year, but can produce good rowers.

So lets go WNY, lets pick up some obscure sports. Create some Olympic teams and get the USA a top the medal chart with no possible opponents.

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