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Monday, August 25, 2008

Sad the Olympics are over

I for one am disappointed the Olympics are over. Its the best event for sports fans. Its constant sports and its over quickly. Pure competition of the best athletes around the world. How can you beat that. Preseason football? Please its boring. I use to love the 4th quarter, guys I would never see again play their hearts out, but now I really don't care. The Olympics have obscure sports that you never see anywhere. You start getting involved and cheer for the Americans or start rooting for people that might beat countries you dislike and marvel at how great they are at what they do. So its kinda of weird of having this thing for 2 weeks and all of a sudden, its done. Its not like they have events like this on tv all the time. I'll be heavy into football and hockey very soon and I'll forget all about the Olympic sports. But really would following track be that bad? What about fantasy track? Or Fantasy Swimming. If you involve fantasy into these sports I'm sure come 2012, everyone will know who the good athletes are. Because "they are on my fantasy team".

I think the main appeal of the Olympics is, that they are on every 4 years. Well the Winter Olympics are in 2.5 years, so it won't be that long. But how much are we going to hear of Usain Bolt in the next few years, only if he tests positive for doping or breaks a world record. These guys come and go every Olympics. They are superstars for a bit, then pop in and out of the sports world here and there. The actual athletes devote themselves 24/7 to their discipline. But if someone said they were trying to be a Olympic ping pong player, sorry Table Tennis, you'd laugh in their face and say get a real job.

But as Americans we will be distracted by the Conventions, and Football, the baseball playoffs. Buffalo Sabres training camp is right around the corner and we'll get a new 3rd jersey, where every inch will be dissected and called horrible for some reason. Well get all worried about the winter and totally forget about Michael Phelps and Alica Sacramone and Misty May and Kerry Walsh, until the 2012 games get ramped up and they will become household names again, along with the new athletes. Who were inspired by this group.

The Olympics maybe the best event for the current culture. Quick, easy to digest, creates great stories, then when it gets boring, its over. Unlike Baseball, which I don't care much about right now. Call me in October.

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