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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sabres stocking Portland

Sabres made some news yesterday and really it all had to to with Portland. Because they guys they have signed lately are depth guys and vets that fill out the Pirates lineup. Sabre fans aren't used to that with Rochester being shared, so they could just have young guys in the lineup. Now they have to sign older guys to help the young kids in Portland.

A bit ago they signed Mathieu Darche, who is a career AHLer, with some NHL action. Perfect type guy when the injury bug strikes. And yesterday they bring in Colton Fretter and Colin Murphy. Who no aren't guys in a boy band. They are minor league hockey players. Really you don't have to worry about them, unless the injury bug turns epidemic, then we will worry which line Colton Fretter plays on. Hopefully we won't have to worry. They'll play in Portland, help the kids, provide some punch and get a paycheck. Thats about it.

Also they unofficially named the coach of the Pirates. The old Coach of the Pirates and former Whaler, Kevin Dineen. Well that sounds good for me. A guy like this will show the young guys the way, hopefully buy into the "system", and with Eric Weinrich, the young D men will also learn from a long term NHLer.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited about this AHL team. They should have a lot of talent and will be lead by guys who know what they are doing. I'm sure here at GCFB, we'll detail the Pirates exploits and their looting of the AHL.

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