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Monday, February 2, 2009

Hall of fame

Well my Hall of Fame Predictions were way off. I still don't know how Chris Carter and Shannon Sharpe were left out. But still very happy with Bruce Smith and Ralph getting in this year. I honestly thought Ralph would be put in after his death. His public speaking of late isn't what I would want others to see, because he comes off terribly most of the time. But its always great to see more Bills get into the hall of fame. And with Rod Woodson going in, there's going to be a lot of red, white and blue and black and gold in Canton come August. The committee knows who they want to put in. But after looking at Claude Humphrey, he should be in. I don't know who was his presenter, but they must be terrible. Guys pre sack total era are really at a disadvantage. Without that cemented number, they really can't compete to a Derrick Thomas, who was a monster, but the numbers can tell you that or Dave Kreig. But the old players don't have the numbers, only stories from players. But those aren't reliable.

If you look at QB's from the 70's and prior. Their numbers are not even close to current hall of famers. Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, John Elway, Warren Moon. The hall of fame QB's from today, have significantly better numbers then Terry Bradshaw or Len Dawson. Many of them have higher Int to Td numbers. These days you wouldn't last 5 years if you threw a couple more picks then Touchdowns. Bobby Layne has 196 touchdowns to 243 Int's, with a QB rating of 63.4.

Trent Edwards has a career rating of 79.4.

Numbers are skewing who is a hall of famer or not. I'm sure when Drew Brees retires and has gaudy stats. Someone will make the case he's a hall of famer. "Look at the stats" they'll say. But really does anyone think of Drew Brees as a Hall of Famer? No. He hasn't done anything. But stats are skewing are look at greatness. Winning leads to greatness. Now throwing big stats, because you are in garbage time all the time.

The Hall of fame, needs to pan back and look at the player. Not the stats. Maybe thats why Chris Carter didn't get in. Someone said, what did he win? Did he lead to championships? The answer to that is no. Thats why he waits.

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