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Monday, February 9, 2009

It's gonna be ok.

Don't look into the mirror.

I know Vanek is out basically a month, which is (looks at schedule) 9 to 11 games. They have a nice little break after the 28th, then they have a home game against the Canadiens on the 4th of March. I'd probably pencil Vanek back for that. Which means he'd be back for the final 19 games. That's not to bad. They have a couple softies coming up. Senators, Leafs and Islanders. A couple big games against the Hurricanes, Flyers and Rangers. But they can get by without Vanek for several games. Well, I think that, he never gets hurt, so we don't know what its like without him.

Sabre fans always tend to go into panic mode. Good thing the team doesn't. When injuries happen I think certain guys look at it as their chance to impress. And with the trade deadline approaching it could be a opportunity to audition for a trade elsewhere. The Sabres don't go on the road till the 17th, and thats a 2 hour ride up to Toronto. Then its Philly 2 nights later(big game). If there was a time for Vanek to get hurt, now is a good time. They have made up ground and even if they go .500. They will still be in the hunt for 4th come early March. Plus there is one upside. Vanek gets a month rest before the big playoff push. He comes back a little refreshed, its not a leg injury or upperbody, its the jaw. He can still ride the bike, maybe skate, but he won't come back out of shape. Its unfortunate, but it may help come down to March when the Sabres need a star to step up, in case someone else is down.

Right now with Connolly back, the loss of Vanek isn't as painful. Timmy has 20 points in 20 games and a +4. Stafford has come alive, and Vanek was starting to heat up with Timmy as his Center. Crazy idea but, why not give Dan Paille a vote of confidence and put him with Timmy and Stafford. You need a left wing. The other option is MacArthur, but its flip a coin between those two. Paille needs a confidence boost, this maybe the best thing for him. Try it out against the Senators, if it doesn't work move someone else in. You need to save Dan Paille's season, or he's pretty much useless come playoff time. He can score and he can play two way hockey. He just doesn't believe in himself. Playing with Connolly will make him better and boost the confidence level. Stafford was struggling before being paired with Timmy. Now he's a man on fire.

Good teams overcome injuries, and so far the Sabres have overcome them. This is just another test.

By the way, anyone else just love Matt Ellis' play. I swear the guy is what the Sabres needed on the 4th line. A grinder line that can play 10 minutes and punch in a goal here and then. Matt Ellis has 3 career NHL goals. 3! He has 4 all ready this year. Adam Mair is tied in his career high for goals on the year with 6th. He could score 10 goals. Who would think Adam Mair would have 10 goals on the year. Anyway. I always love the grinder lines. They just play without care and passion that its fun to watch.

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Jennifer said...

Vanek being back by March 4th, huh? What a wonderful bday present for ME!!!

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