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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This was called "pressuring" I call it Cross checking

Well I am sure after last night the alarms are ringing, the obituary is written and its time to trade everyone on the team, because they aren't going to make the playoffs. They had some bad bounces which led to goals, it happens. The loss wasn't devastating, they got help from Ottawa and Boston. None from Vancouver or Washington, but still in the playoffs. With a big game in Carolina on Thursday. But like always, people jump to conclusions, instead of waiting and letting things play themselves out. There is nothing we can do, but watch.

For the first part of the game they kept the shots down, pressured the offensive zone and I thought played well. Unfortunately Giguere came to play last night. The former Conn Smythe winner was in old form. And the mistakes the defensive made, were cashed in. At least Todd Marchant got a goal, the first since October, in his home coming.

The Sabres aren't finished, and there is plenty of time left in the season. I am just tired of the defeatist attitude that permeates the entire Buffalo Sports Culture. Its like oh well, its over, might as well except it. Why not sit back and let things unfold. You can't overreact to every little thing.

And one thing Paul Gaustad hasn't given up on this team, and neither shall I. Just be patient, and let things play themselves out. I don't think the Sabres are sellers at the deadline. I think they will pick up a few parts to help them now and next year. Even if they have to unload someone, like a Kotalik. Who I think could actually pull in a decent player in return.

But bottomline, Relax people. Its gonna be okay.

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