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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sens Sabres preview

Well its the 2nd game of the home and home series between these divisional foes. Of course there has been a few days in between, so really its not really a home and home, but whatever. But the Sens come in after beating the Sabres 3-2 in a shootout. Or a 2-2 tie. After having a 2-0 lead into the third and letting the Sabres come back to tie it. At home. The pessimists look for a Senators win, but I don't think so, too many guys in the lineup fighting for time

Well who knows what the lineup will be for the Sabres with the injury to Vanek. But I'm thinking with the call up of Gerbe, they got him on the second line with Roy and Pominville. That's not what I call a big overpowering line. Derek Roy is tall compared with Gerbe. But as seen yesterday the kid is feisty. And might provide a spark. I think Paetsch is in on the 4th line, since that seemed to work of late. Sekera wants back in, but I'm sure he'll be held out. Ankles are tricky so more time the better. Plus the defense is better health wise. So he can wait a couple games.

The Sens will be pretty much the same as Saturday. Chris Neil is out, to everyones disappointment. So its pretty much the big line and Mike Fisher and Nick Foligino versus the Sabres. But wow Nick Foligino is a horrendous -17. Their scorers are on the ice alot. On the ice alot for the other team scoring. The Sens pretty much don't have balanced scoring. They don't have great goaltending and their defense isn't what it use to be. They need to shoot pucks at players to stop them now. But their struggles for over a year now, doesn't make me hate them less. I enjoy in their basement dwelling status. The Isles aren't far away. Hey Sens, might as well Tank for Tavares. Couldn't hurt right?

But the big news coming into tonights game. A new introduction video

Man this team is leading the league in sappy intro's. Plus of course theres a Goo Goo Dolls song mixed in there.

And yes Jason Pominville couldn't score on those kids either.

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