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Friday, February 6, 2009

Sorry Drew Stafford

Well as one of Drew Stafford's biggest critics. Called him Lazy, and a bust and probably should be traded since you could get something for him. But of late, he has played like the Drew Stafford we all thought he could be. Hard working, scorer, and always strong on the puck. I'm sorry Drew for questioning you. You got a partner in Tim Connolly who has helped you become a better player and now you are on fire, capping it off with that nasty goal on Wednesday. Lets take a look at it.

In fact its very Tim Connollyesque.

Did you notice the other similarity? Teppo drives to the net on both goals. Thats when you know the team has things in order when the D is driving to the net on a rush. I think Teppo brings a little extra to the offense. The time off probably did him some good.

But enough of that, this is a apology to Drew Stafford. Who I have roundly criticized for a year and half now. He has been one of the best Sabres since the start of the year. Its not a Clarke MacArthur flash of good play. Its real solid play. He's had 6 goals and 14 points since the beginning of the year. He is also a +9 since the beginning of the year. So he's not slacking on the defensive side of the puck either. The Stafford Connolly and Vanek line has been on fire. It also lets Roy drop down to give Pominville some scoring chances. Because the Sabres have got to get him going. Plus Hecht is also struggling. There is a good amount of offense on this team, that isn't producing up to potential. Pominville, Hecht and Paille. But Stafford is not one of them.

Sorry Drew. I really like your play of late. Its the player I expected.

Lets just keep it up.

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