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Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm back!!!

A Picture of the Hotel

So I'm back from Vegas, (got back Saturday morning) and its taken the weekend to recover, readjust to the elements and get back into the sports scene. Lets just say the Buffalo sports scene is hard to find in Vegas. Saw plenty of plane crash stuff, but nothing about the Lynch Arrest. No one cared about that. A gun and drugs and its a non story outside WNY. If his cousin injected him with steroids, then it might have been a story.

Marshawn Lynch got arrested. (again) I love this line though

Williams described Lynch’s arrest as “run of the mill, routine” for Culver City, an affluent section of Los Angeles where Sony Pictures (formerly MGM Studios) is located. He said the local police have arrested numerous sports figures and celebrities on a variety of charges.

Oh so they target people with money. That's nice. But seriously someone surround Lynch with smarter people. Having a car running and with weed wafting through the air. Come on, that just signals the cops to come over and find something. Of course there was a gun. With the amount of NFL players that get shot, I'd have a gun too. They are walking banks to criminals. But the drugs are a non issue, the gun is.

Then of course the charges get reduced to Misdemeanors. So a little probation and some fines are coming his way, and probably a 1 game suspension from the NFL. Nothing to dent his season. Just a dumb way to get arrested. Marshawn may need a babysitter.

Then comes the dumb letter from the public.

Last year, Marshawn Lynch should have been charged with vehicular hit and run. However, after a period of the police begging him to come in and talk to them he finally pleaded guilty to failing to use sufficient care and paid a $100 fine.

Well maybe, if there was enough evidence, he would have been. The Police got a conviction, otherwise, he would have walked with nothing.

Had this been me, I would be writing this letter from jail.

Um no, the same thing would have happened. You can rape a woman and not get jail time. Its true, first time offenders hardly get jail time. Rip off your company for thousands of dollars. You'll only get 5 years probation and a fine. I guarantee it. But you'll have a felony on your record. That might hinder job hunting.

I guess he didn’t realize that he got away with one that time, so now he has been arrested in California on an illegal weapons charge. You’ll notice I didn’t say he was caught carrying an illegal gun, because by the time the Bills organization is done paying for this latest “mistake” I’m sure the story will be that he was on his way to the police station to turn in a gun he found in the street so some innocent child would not be injured.

Well, more like he or his posse was too lazy to registrer the gun. I bet it takes 100 forms to get a registered gun in California. And his posse may have things to prevent them from getting a legal gun. Most likely its to protect themselves from criminals, who target athletes, and have no problem killing them. Richard Collier anyone?

When are the over-priced-ticket- buying sports enthusiasts going to stop coddling these prima donnas who can’t seem to stay out of trouble? They are laughing all the way to the bank on our money.

Our money, pretty much goes to staff and game promotions. Ticket sales probably could only pay for a couple players, TV money is where things lie. They will keep him, because he's a great player and they need him. Trust me, most Bills fans want him on the team, because they can win with him. Sports fans care about winning, not having a bunch of choir boys. The Sabres don't get into trouble, but most people would take a criminal if it meant a Stanley Cup.

Anyway onto the Sabres.


While I was gone. They went 1-2, with two big losses to Carolina and Philadelphia. They won against Toronto and then beat the reeling Rangers on Saturday. They stand 8th place at the moment. 3 points out of 4th and 1 point of 5th. But are 1 point out of 9th and 4 points ahead of Pittsburgh.

Now with Miller out till maybe the end of the season. 4 to 6 weeks is pretty much the end of the year. The columnists will write the Sabres off. Well maybe they are in trouble maybe they aren't. They wrote the Devils off when Brodeur went down, but they survived. Why can't the Sabres? The defense has come back healthy. Vanek is out, but Paille is coming on. Tim Connolly is a point per game player. Roy is still there. Stafford is having quite the second half of the season. If Hecht and Pominville can return to form, this team won't be in bad shape. The Sabres have to go .500 to make the playoffs. I think they can pull that off with Lalime or a goalie they can pick up at the deadline.

Hey all I hear about the Sabres is they are soft, because no one took a run at Gomez. I see some of the national hockey stuff, and nobody is mentioning a dirty hit on Miller. What if everyone on the team thought it wasn't dirty? It looks bad, but maybe he tried to stop and his skates went out from under him. I would never think of Gomez trying to do that. But they were shorthanded already, and another penalty could have been deadly, it could have been 3-2 in a matter of minutes and then you go from a win, to a possible loss.

Well they play the Ducks on Tuesday, so lets see how they come out. Jerry Sullivan and Gleason are probably writing off this team already. Because its an easy column, but I wouldn't doubt the Sabres to rally around their goalie. Plus Miller comes back rested for a Playoff run. Most people expect the worst, I see the possible good in every situation.

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