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Friday, February 27, 2009

Let the buying being!

Well Free Agency begins today. And its always exciting time in the NFL. Big stars sign huge deals. Albert Haynesworth signs one of those, oh my god, thats a lot of money deals. Then torn apart because he will never live up to the deal. But who cares, he'll be productive and its not my money.

But the Bills I do care about. Guys are coming in, mostly the guys you kinda heard of, but not really.

Like Drayton Florence and Jamie Winborn

And Harvard QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.

But today the big name came into 1 Bills drive. That is Laverenus Coles. Well big, as in holy crap he is actually in town. And not big as Albert Haynesworth. But thats pretty big for Buffalo standards. Lets hope he doesn't leave town without a deal. He would be a nice complement to Lee Evans, and would make Trent Edwards better. And maybe take some pressure of James Hardy, so he can develop, leaving Josh Reed to do his thing and Stevie Johnson, to help out.

I love free agency, then when it dies down a bit, its NHL trade deadline, so should be a busy couple days of moves around here. Or not, then it will be depressing. Till the draft then the excitement will build again, for guys I've never seen or heard of. But there on my team damnit, so they must be good.

I'll be celebrating the Fiancees birthday this weekend, so no blogging here but I will be paying attention to any moves and come monday, some hard hitting analysis.


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