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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Draft talk.

Well Mel Kiper's understudy at Espn Todd McShay, has his own Mock Draft out there. And he differs from Kiper with the Bills selecting DE/OLB Aaron Maybin from Penn State. Well lets look at this kid and see if he really seems like a pick no one can pull part within 3 minutes.

Heres a selection from Randal Weida at

"He has the frame to add more bulk without losing any speed, which is something NFL scouts will be looking at. Maybin has outstanding speed for an end, and is much stronger than his size would suggest. He does his best work coming off the edge and simply running by offensive tackles. Maybin isn't only a speed rusher though. He has excellent technique, and does a good job of using his hands to keep blockers from cutting his feet out from under him.

Maybin will be watched closely by NFL GMs because he has the potential to develop into a dominant and disruptive force. Maybin will likely be the first defensive end taken this spring, but NFL teams will likely have to wait for him to develop. He can help a team as a third down pass rush specialist in the beginning, but if he reaches his potential he could be a future NFL sacks leader. "

Maybin did have 12 sacks and 20 tackles for loss this year, no one on Penn State was even close to accruing the sacks that Maybin did. But at his 6'3 250 size. He seems more like a OLB to me for the Bills. A outside pass rusher is what they desperatly need. But having to wait, isn't an option. He seems to be the Terrell Suggs kind of player. Hopefully just as good.

Mike Mayock has him as the 4th rated defensive end in the draft.

But if they need a pass rusher. But I don't see why Orakpo isn't the pick here. I have my doubts about Texas players, but this is the type of guy they need. They need pressure and the guys Buffalo has now aren't getting the job done. Kelsey and Denney made their money off of Schobel and when he went down, they were useless. Seeing pressure from the front 4 can make a world of difference. It opens up the linebackers to do things and keeps the pressure off the secondary. McKee and McKelvin are decent players, and with Youbouty back they will have 3 solid cb's. Greer is probably gone for the money he wants.

Mel Kiper has Maybin going 10th to the Niners. So his Mock draft is a bit different.

I'll have to wait for Mike Mayock's mock draft, but I usually like his thinking. Anyway there are tons of mock drafts, and come the Combine, they will all be updated. The Draft is 2 1/2 months away, so theres plenty of positioning.

I think the Bills are looking defense with this pick, but if some offensive lineman drops, I could see them snatching him right up. Never have too many quality tackles, guards or centers.

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