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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Watching the Westminster

Local dog done good.

Well I watched some of the Dog show the past few days, its kind interesting and the Fiancee is a Vet, so she can give you insight, that the hosts don't. Like that dog is mean, or that dog stinks usually. Or that dog is ugly. Not a big fan of the small dogs, especially the griffon. And the tidbit I didn't know, the larger the dog, the shorter the lifespan. So If you want a great dane, it ain't hanging around for long. So you want a dog for a decade, go for the beagle or spaniel. Plus we have 4 dogs, all would win best in show in my eyes.

You may go, why are you talking about dogs on a sports blog. Well, during the show the color commentator kept on referring to it as "our sport" Are dog shows a sport? Aren't they more a beauty competition. Bikini contests would not be considered a sport. So why would a dog show be considered a sport? Is it because there is a winner and a judge? Miss America has winners and a judge. And no one calls that a sport. Its a contest for sure. Its basically a beauty show for dogs. And people love dogs. Those big dogs like St Bernards and Huskys are always a favorite since they look cuddly and friendly.

I would love for someone to explain to me what classifies this as a sport. In my definition, its not a sport, but what would I know. Are the dogs athletes or are the handlers? Or are they both athletes. Trying to control a doberman probably takes some strength and patience.

But there were 3 local dogs in the show that took best in breed, so thats pretty good in the dog show in the world.

The Great Dane

The Alaska Malumute

Bull Terrier

So we got the good dogs, don't those tiny annoying dogs. But real dogs, the kind that can pull a car. Well the bull terrier probably can't, but its cool looking. And that is what matters, whether you got a cool looking dog.

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