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Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl recap

Well its nice to see the Super Bowl be nice and close and come down to the last play, let it be a fumble or a incomplete pass. I don't think it really mattered. But they should at least really reviewed it. Not the old we did it upstairs and said it was ok. That is not Ok.

But it had that up and down feel, not a whole lot of punts. A unbelievable interception return. That's something you'll see come Super Bowl 100 in the highlight packages. But anyone that says this game was boring not entertaining, doesn't like football. It had drama through out the second half. Though their was a slight lull in the late 3rd. To be fair I was washing dishes, so that could be the reason. Anyway. The 4th was great. This was better then last years game, which was a dull fest for 3 quarters, till some late trading touchdowns. This had challenges and tough calls, hits, and great plays. The game made up for the lack of great commercials. Which is actually a nice difference. Plus Bruce was pretty good, even with the crotch in the camera slide. The Boss does what he wants.

But what comes from last nights game. What does it mean?

That no matter how many times I see him and he looks like in full panic mode, Roethlisberger always finds someone. The safely is a good example, just fired and completed a 20 yard pass. Roethlisberger is my Tom Brady from several years ago. A guy that benefited from a great team around him, that was my perception, and it was wrong. Tom Brady is obviously one of the greats. And Ben maybe reaching that level, ruining another perception. He gets sacked too much, but still makes the play when it needs to be made. And last night was the perfect example. Really the Steelers offense moved the ball somewhat. The lack of running game and Hines Ward being hurt, slowed them down. So it rested on Ben. And when they needed him the most, he found Holmes, and won the game.

Kurt Warner is one of the great Quarterbacks of the late 90's to Now. Without him the Cardinals are a 7-9 football team at best. Their defense is ok, they have no running game. But with Warner their WR's are studs. Matt Leinert looks to be turning into the new Aaron Rodgers. Just waiting for the old man to go away to get his turn. Of course he had his shot and blew it. Now he waits and sits. Because there is no way you take out Warner. I'm not sure what next year holds for Arizona. If Kurt goes back to Giants era Kurt, they are done and will miss the playoffs. But if its "Rams Greatest show on Turf Warner" then they will win the West again, and be dangerous in the playoffs.

I personally relaxed with my Fiancee and father. We had a little party. My gorgeous fiancee made great food, and had everything ready to go by gametime. The TV we got on Black Friday made the game look fantastic. HD was created for Football in my opinion, nothing looks better on a 52 inch screen like the NFL. Well the Dark Knight was pretty good. But Football is something else. It was a great night. My fiancee really wanted the Cardinals to win, mainly because she likes Kurt Warner, but who doesn't. I honestly was fine who won. I thought the Steelers would win, but was pretty excited when Fitzy, burst through the seem for the touchdown. A good game is what I wanted and a good game is what I got.

But hey lets look at some stats. Courtesy of NFL.Com

Roethlisberger 21 for 30 256 yards, 1 td and 1 int (not his fault)

Warner 31 for 43 377 Yards 3 tds and 1 int(so 4 td passes)

The quarterbacks were the story here. The running backs were pretty much non existent. Both teams were ready to stop the run, and make the teams pass. Which almost did in both teams.

Parker 19 rushes for 53 yards.

James 9 rushes for 33 yards.

Those are bad numbers, and I thought you could run on Arizona? I knew you don't run on the Steelers, because its pointless, and Arizona wasn't dumb enough to stick to the run, that and they got down early. Maybe the reason they almost won.

Holmes 9 Catches for 131 yards 1td.

Fitzgerald 7 catches for 127 yards 2 tds
Boldin 8 catches for 84 yards
Breaston 6 catches 71 yards

Wow, 3 recievers can get open and have good games. How is this done? Someone email Turk Schonert. Or maybe its the Quarterback, who can throw the ball and pick out recievers. But seriously the Cards had 3 recievers with 1000 yard seasons. 3! The Bills are lucky to get one every year. Imagine how good they would be if they had 3 guys. Wait they could be Super Bowl good.

James Harrison and Darnell Dockett

The Co defensive MVP's in my book. Both were forces on their side of the Ball. Harrison with the huge pick and td. Dockett with 2 sacks and 6 tackles. Of course Harrison had a lapse of judgement, when he tried to maim Francisco on a Punt, but whatever, the penalty didn't hurt. I think he can be forgiven for that transgression.

Troy Polamalu was pretty invisible, as was Adrian Wilson, though he led the team in tackles. Made solid tackles when they had to. Polamalu with a huge whiff on James early on. But both seem to be playing back to prevent big play. Of course Troy was nowhere to be found when Fitzgerald streaked for the go ahead score in the 4th quarter. Safetys can either be huge or disappear, because of the defensive game plan. Thats why you need dominant players up front. (a subtle hint to Russ Brandon)

But enough of game recaps, you probably wonder what my favorite commercial was? (ducking thrown objects) Well the whole lineup was pretty sorry, but of course there were a few favorites. Then that flower commercial, where if any guy laughed, their wife probably hasn't talked to them yet. But my personal favorite was the careerbuilder one. Sorry but Koala punching is kinda funny, especially when they have glasses and a cup of coffee.

Hey Dummy

Anyway, with the NFL Europe deep sixed and no Arena league, its a long stretch without real football.

So let the free agency and draft rumors commence!!!!!

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