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Friday, February 27, 2009

Where they stand

Well with the shootout loss to Carolina last night, they picked up a point, but they also lost their point lead against the Hurricanes, also the head to head tiebreaker. But I have zero idea how the tiebreakers work in the playoff standings, so I won't go into them. They are currently in Eighth place today. And only 2 points out of 5th. So really they aren't in a bad spot. There are plenty of games left and if Miller isn't as badly hurt, then the Team should be ok. Well, that's assuming they play alright and not give the puck up all the time and put Lalime in bad spots. The next 10 games will be big for this team. So lets look at the next 10 games. And they are not all must wins. But getting as many points as possible is key.

Saturday @ the Islanders
3/4 vs Canadiens
3/6 vs Coyotes
3/7 @ Senators
3/10 @Philadelphia
3/12 vs Panthers
3/14 vs Senators
3/20 vs Flyers
3/21 @ Rangers
3/25 vs Panthers

They have 6 games at home. But two of those are the back to back, one at home one on the road. Which make zero sense to me. They play the worst team in hockey next, the last game before the trade deadline. They have to win the game on Saturday. Then the game against the Habs is another huge one. The Coyotes game is a throw away. But then they have 2 against the Sens and two against the flyers. The flyers seem to far to catch, but they sweep the next two and the Flyers are back in range. Plus two games against the Panthers. Thats a split able series in my eye.

Hopefully the Sabres can go 7-3 in the next 10. But 6-4 or 5-4-1 wouldn't be the end of things. They need to create space. But they also need to keep pace. They can't let the Miller injury lead to an excuse. The Sabres can play well and win if they really want to. The trade deadline, will show what Regier thinks of this team. If they are sellers, the year is over. They do nothing, they are confident in the team. Buyers? It shows Darcy really likes the team and thinks they can go far, or next year. Which may give the team a nice shot in the arm.

Is Glen Metropolit still available?

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