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Monday, November 17, 2008

Bills Brown Preview

Well here we go a Monday night game, with two struggling teams, and just like last year, snow could be a factor. I should be excited, but I'm really not. The last few weeks have sucked the joy from me about this team. Just everything you hate. No passion, no heart, just going out there. You hear the press conferences and its like oh well, we gotta cut out the mistakes, blah blah blah. How about showing up first. That would be nice.

But I guess I should make up a preview, since I didn't last week. I hate writing about the Patriots I really do. Its terrible.

The 3-6 Browns are coming into town losers of two straight and 2-3 in their last 5. Both teams are struggling. But unlike the Bills, they can score some points. Thought their season Stats are rather unimpressive they have scored 57 points in their last two games. And Brady Quinn has entered the picture playing pretty well last week, though the Broncos, are hardly a defensive juggernaut. He had a nice 65% completion rate and 6.8 per pass. I guess that Contract to Derek Anderson was a mistake.


Jamal Lewis is the leading rusher for the Browns, but is just averaging 3.6 yards per carry, like the Bills the line is struggling to block. Who basically after the one game said the team quit. Thats never good to call out your teammates in public. In the locker room is where something like that belongs.

Kellen Winslow II is the leading receiver on the team, the Tight end leading the team is probably bad. Braylon Edwards only has 26 catches and 3 tds on the season. And there really isn't any other receiving threats on the team. But the Bills make a habit of nobodies making an impression. So Steve Heiden os Syndric Steptoe could make some noise tonight.

Joshua Cribbs is their return man ace. So the Bills have to cover well tonight or they could get hurt. Of course they would have to score some points to worry about kickoff returns. But Punting could be another issue.


The Browns aren't very good defensively. They rank 26th overall and they give up 3rd downs 44% of the team. You think the Bills are bad, the Browns are worse. They don't have a ton of sacks so they aren't getting to the qb, as much as you like and have 10 total picks which isn't bad.

They are struggling to stop offenses and this game being on the road won't help them.


Well this is the season for the Bills tonight. I know thats a statement, but if they lose, its over. Kiss it goodbye and the fire Jauron talk gets going. Of course with the resigning of him, that won't likely happen, a new coaching staff won't make the team better. They need a same system to master, before moving on again.

I don't care who is hurt and who is not. Just go out there and play. You gotta win, now show some emotion and get through this. The schedule isn't hard. You can make a run and 11-5, 10-6 isn't out of the question. It starts tonight. But don't color me excited. This team has taken that feeling away from me, with the last 3 performances. But tonight could restore it all with a nice big win.

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