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Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'll talk it about now

Well its Thursday and its taken that long to want to talk about the Bills, last Sundays game took a lot out of me. Its one of those oh no, are they going into a free fall that they wind up 6-10 seasons, that pretty much destroys all fun about the Bills and the beginning of the season. Thanks to the Sabres recent shutdown, its not all gloom and doom, that and Obama. But the Bills always rear their head. I think last Sundays game took a lot out of me and Bills fans. They have lost 3 of their last 4. And their wins over "quality opponents" diminish by the week. Jacksonville, isn't that good, San Diego is bad and the Rams, Seahawks and Raiders aren't very good either.

The only positive I take from the three losses. Is that they are making critical mistakes to lose games. Its not like they are playing well and losing. They are making lots of turnovers, and bad plays and mental mistakes and losing. It shows they do have talent and when they play well, they win. Even when they struggle a little and not turning the ball over, they pull games out.

Yes there are injuries, and other issues, like the run game, there is only one real fact. The team goes as far as Trent Edwards. How he plays, determines where this team goes. If he plays real well this week in New England, they will win. I guarantee it. But he is a 2nd year player and he will struggle. We just haven't seen it. The more they open things up, the more mistakes happen. Though his line could help him out a bit, with pass protection and running the ball.

But thank god for the Fiance, or last Sunday would have led to full blown sports depression. But just seeing her, makes that go away. This Sunday if things go badly, and its the Patriots, I'll try to look at her and think of the future and all the misery from watching bad Bills Football will go away.

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