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Monday, November 17, 2008

Blue and Gold Sports Roundup

Totally fumbled that ball

Well it was a busy week in Buffalo area sports, or the ones I care about, and really that's all that matters.

First off the Sweet Home Panthers, totally whipped on last years Champ Aquinas. As a proud '99 grad of Sweet Home High School, its nice to see them succeed. They were always good when I went there, but never could beat Niagara Wheatfield. I guess John Faller wasn't the problem, it was not talented enough players. Plus I thought the QB spot was weak, but Casey Kacz, is a very smart QB. He knows how to play football. He's not probably college material but, still a good leader.

Now its on to Rochester to play Corning West, then on to the Dome for the State Title.


The Griffs didn't start the season well, losing to Akron 56-46. Really the Zips? Well Frank Turner played decent, along with a new transfer Chris Gadley, but the same result as last year. Shooting 35% isn't going to get it done, plus it looked like a poor game all around. But Coach Parrotta comes up with another gem.

"We talked in the offseason how we wanted to out rebound our opponents, get to the foul line more and take care of the basketball," Canisius head coach Tom Parrotta said. "I don't think we're going to win many games when we throw the ball around that much."

You think Coach Parrotta? Really just being careless with the ball isn't going to win you games. If these kids know that, why don't they play that way? You know like the Sabres should play the system yet don't.

Anyway its back home Tuesday vs the UB Bulls. Theres the first win of the season


The Men's hockey team beat Connecticutt, after being embarrassed by giving up 3 short handed goals in a power play. They are 4-1-1 in the conference and 5-3-2 overall. And yes they get a automatic bid to the tourney if they win their conference unlike another team (cough Niagara cough)


The womens basketball team knows how to get it done, more leadership, but open with a win over UB. The men should watch the women play. They shot 48%, gave up only 5 free throw opportunties and have good shooters. Marie Warner had 22 points. And Amanda Cavo had 10 points.

I have much higher hopes for, then the Men's team. This team could push for a tournament bid, especially if Marie Warner is that good. A clutch scorer around good players, with a good coach in Terry Zeh. Look out come March.

They Massacre St Bonaventure this Wednesday.


I'm sure other people did other things, but I don't care about them. UB, Niagara and other High Schools are worthless, if they don't wear Blue and Gold, they ain't nothing.

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