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Monday, November 10, 2008

The effect of bad football

This is a tough post, there is no way I want to talk about yesterday. It was brutal. The Bills were just crap on both sides of the ball. The defense just couldn't get off the field. The offense couldn't stay on it. Just looked like they are completely off page, everywhere. It was nice to get the TD late to make it look better. That play worked. Why didn't it work earlier. But really the story is the struggle of Trent Edwards. Bad throws, just not in rhythm with anyone.

In the last 3 games he has thrown 2 td's and 5 ints.

His rating has been a 67.2, 79.3 and a 49.2.

Yesterday his average pass completion was a 5.2. Thats pathetic.

Its like he completely regressed. In the course of 3 weeks. Along with the entire team.

The 3rd down defense is whats killing the team. The Patriots converted 3rd down 61% of the time! Thats unacceptable. Which is the same percentage the Jets had the previous week. Miami only had a 27%, but thats because they aren't very good.

The worse part is that this team got the fanbase all excited and in 3 weeks have ripped the heart of the Bills fan. Their lack of passion, lack of effort at times. They seem lazy, they look like they don't care. No one is angry, no one is frustrated. Its the same old lines every week. I want Jauron to out someone in public. Tell how terrible the defensive line is, fire them up. That 4th quarter drive by the Patriots was terrible. No pressure, just dink and dunk all the way down the field. The defense didn't do a thing.

This monday they have a home game on national tv. This will tell who they are and what they are. If they are flat and play like crap, the season is over I don't care if they play another game. Its a game to reclaim the season. And if they do play flat, Jauron should be fired on the spot. There is no excuse to come out flat 3 weeks in a row. THEY WERE ALL IMPORTANT GAMES AND THEY SUCKED IN EVERYONE OF THEM.

The season is going down the toilet, and I'm rooting for a team that doesn't seem to care. It would be different if they did everything they could and lost. But they are giving half effort, and losing. That is unacceptable. There are 7 games left. They go 5-2, they are probably going to the Playoffs.

The season isn't over, and its just 3 games. Injuries aren't an excuse. They have a favorable schedule down the line, Cleveland, Kansas City, San Francisco, Miami, Jets, Denver and New England. They can win all 7 of those games.

I'm just angry, I hate being set up like this. Its not fair. It ruins sundays. Thank god for the Fiancee or things would be really bad.

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