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Monday, November 24, 2008

Well that helped a little

James McCoy

I guess after last week and the bottom of the barrel feeling I had as a Bills fan, was lifted a little yesterday. Finally went out and beat a bad team, handily. Like I said I wasn't going to be all ready for this one. Me and the Fiancee, went out and scouted for Black Friday, had lunch and went home a little early. So I got home, put on the tv. And Leodis McKelvin just returned a TD. I was like thats good, but are they down by 13 at this point? Oh no they are leading. Mmmm. Ok lets see how this one goes.

Then McKelvin picks off another one. Then the offense starts rolling. Edwards goes all crazy and does it the old screw it I'll do it myself routine. That Thomas Vanek loves to do. I'm sure every one was screaming.


That sealed the game for me. Edwards was back, and if he is on, the Bills are going to win. Tyler Thigpen contracted what Trent had over the past 4 games and turned into a turnover machine. Seriously he fumbled when he fell to the ground. Hopefully Brett Favre can't catch it next or Matt Cassel.

The defense still wasn't that great, the only difference was they got turnovers. McKelvin is developing into a decent corner, the bust label can be put away for a few weeks. Hardy on the other hand is invisible. Derek Fine is a better pick at this point.

The offense seemed mixed. Pass and run. Edwards was hitting guys. That roll out to Reed for 20 some yards may have been his best throw of the season. He's hitting tight ends, backs and recievers. Its also that that Josh Reed is back.

But still it was a nice vacation from what has been happening. But I'll probably miss next weeks game and I don't really care. Its the Dolphin game in two weeks that concerns me. If they win that one in Toronto. Who knows if they can win the next 3.

I don't want to get my hopes up again.

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