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Friday, November 7, 2008

Sabres Thrashers Preview

Today is a special day for me, since its the 1st anniversary of me and my Fiancee's first date. So we'll be downtown at a local establishment. There was a Sabre game that night too. A OT win over the Boston Bruins. (had to look that up) So I probably won't watch much of this one either, the only thing I have to worry about is the pre hockey crowd. Which wasn't bad the last time, but its Friday, not Wednesday, so i got two factors. Anyhow, onto the game.

The Thrashers

The Thrashers are a good scoring team, they are also a bad defensive team. Which leads to scoring 34 goals on the year and letting in 49 on the year, which is bad. Letting in a lot of goals also leads to a 4-7-2 record, but are on a 2 game win streak. And the fact they played last night in Atlanta and had to come back against the Islanders, means they are probably a bit tired. Oh and the Sabres are rested. Plus Jochen is back. Predicting a shooting gallery tonight, would be like predicting Obama would win, pretty easy by looking at the facts.

Ondrej Pavalec has won the last two games, but it looks like Lehtonen is healthy. So he might get a start, a change from the parade of backups the Sabres usually see. Lehtonen's numbers are a tad shaky for the season, 2-5-2 3.44 GAA and a .903 Sv%. On that hand why not start the hot hand. Wait, Lehtonen is starting since being out with the Flu and back issues. GET HIM AWAY FROM TIM CONNOLLY!!!!!!

You would think Kovalchuk is the leading scorer or at least the top goal scorer on the Thrashers. But you would be wrong. 4th in points (10) and 3rd in goals (5). So he hasn't got going this year, and if I were him looking to get shipped out. Todd White has the most points (14) and Slava Kozlov leads with 8 goals. Bryan Little who I never heard of, until this year is having quite the start of the year with 6 goals and 11 points and a +5, on a team full of minus players. Ron Hainsey is looking like a nice pickup, for the points hes putting up on the team, but he'll be playing lots of minutes with the injuries to Schneider and Bogosian. The team looks to be two lines, then not much else.


I'm guessing Miller gets the start tonight and then Lalime tomorrow in Boston. I guess to keep the shutout string going. Jochen finally comes back tonight and haven't seen what they have done with the excess spot. I agree with Vogl to send Stafford to the minors. He has been downright invisible most nights. He's great in the shootout, since he copied Kotalik. Maybe it will wake him up, or it just sets up him getting shipped out. I bet you could get a nice vet, for Staffy and Max. Or just get picks and pull up a Mancari or Gerbe. Well the Sabres are just dealing with a Surplus right now. And with Hecht back, I'll look for Pominville and Roy to get better. Well my outlook is a nice night out with the Fiancee. For the Sabres a high scoring affair thats entertaining for the fans.

Bad Defense+healthy team= Obama like blowout

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