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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sabres Bruins Preview

I know I called the Bruins "boring" and "that it was great the Sabres don't play them 8 times this year" because they are terrible horrible boring games. Well some Bruins fans took that to heart, and I "didn't watch them this year" Well of course I didn't watch them. I assumed they were boring. Why would I watch that?

But now the Bruins have some talent, and they are leading the Northeast, not due to high scoring for sure, but still are a much improved team. They are defense first (nice way to say sit back), though do give up 30 shots a game. But they score 3 goals a game and are 2nd in the league in Goals against. So they are a good team and it was wrong for me to slam them. Plus they are a hard hitting team, with 3 guys in the top 20 in hits. Milan Lucic is number 2 in the league. I guess it maybe the way Lindy Ruff would like his team to play. Maybe.

The Bruins are 11-3-4, and 3-1 in their last 4. They are coming in playing well and their leader on the stat sheet is Marc Savard with 21 points. He always seems to play better against the Sabres. Young gun Phil Kessel leads in goals with 8, and hard banger Milan Lucic has 11 points. Other offensive guys are Michael Ryder, Patrice Bergeron and young Blake Wheeler. Chara only has 7 points on the year, which seems disappointing for the big guy. I don't think the defense gets to jump in plays as much anymore.

But the real star of this show is Tim Thomas. Who is leading the league in GAA and Sv%. I always thought he was a real good player who never got the credit for keeping a bad team competitve. Now they have some talent and they can win some games. If they stay healthy of course. Marco Sturm and Andrew Ference won't play, that hurts a little. The defense isn't deep so any vet out, hurts the team.

The Sabres on the other hand are struggling. Can't keep the puck of the net, and can't score. Minus the St Louis game and 6 minutes of offense, they aren't very good right now. Derek Roy is banged up and taken away from Vanek. Tim Connolly is a disaster and Lindy is shaking everything up. This team is so up and down its frustrating.

Maybe a road game, where they don't have to be flashy, is what the Doctor ordered. If not its probably another loss to a good team.

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We got killed last night! This team needs some serious change...oh and by the way:

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