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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things Tim Connolly is softer then.

Separated Shoulder Celebrating

I'm a Tim Connolly supporter, I think he's very talented. But this last injury, on a solid hit, but nothing major, he gets hurt on. What did he hurt?

The Buffalo Sabres announced that centerman Tim Connolly has an upper body musculoskeletal injury and will be evaluated on a week-to-week basis.

A Upper Body Musculoskeletal injury? Musculosketetal is underlined as a spelling error, because its not a word. He has hurt something that is not recognized by spell check. Its so vague that its not recognized.

So lets make a list of things that Tim Connolly is softer then.


Ice Cream



Stay Puff Marshmallow man

a pile of leaves

Jason Spezza

Ken Hitchcock

Cream Cheese

Ok you get it, Tim Connolly is prone to injury. And this will not make him a favorite to stick with the team and the end of the year or before it. He won't be a Sabre anymore. You can't put this much money into a guy that never plays. Though Andrew Peters is still a Sabre, so you never know.

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