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Monday, November 17, 2008

The other Blue and Gold Team

Well things sure have been shaky lately in Sabre land.

They were healthy, but now banged up again. They played better hurt. Maybe injuries will help. Well except for that last 10 minutes versus Pittsburgh. Oh my god that was terrible. And their goal horn isn't much better. How annoying is that thing. Ok they scored I get it.

In the last 10 games the Sabres have gone 3-5-2. After going 6-0-1 in the first 7. And have given up 30 goals in those 10 games, that's 3 goals a game, versus 12 goals in the first 7. Thats 1.7 goals a game. Since their 6-0-1 start, they have given up almost a goal and half more a game, in the last 10. If they don't see that as a problem I do. Its the same issue as last year.

With the talent on the team, and the experience in the system, they should know better. But yet game after game, lazy back checking and uninspired play lead them to lose. Its not just one guys, its almost everybody. Connolly and Hecht, are almost the most consistent two way guys. But guys like Roy and Vanek and especially Max, are just brutal at times. If they can just ship him out or maybe someone else. Just for picks, they can bring up a Mancari or a Gerbe, who are lighting things on fire down in Portland. Thats really encouraging is what is happening in Portland.

Lalime has morphed into Thibault. Which means Lindy will trust him less, and overuse Miller. Which is another problem. In his last two games his sv % was .739 and .821. 11 goals on 51 shots. Thats pretty much 1 in 5 shot of the puck going in the net. Thats horrendous. Why would anyone put him net, especially with lazy defense.

In the last 5 games

Rivet -6
Tallinder -5
Spacek -5
Sekera -4
Numminen -2
Lydman 0

On the Forward side

Max -5
Roy -7
Vanek -6
Kotalik -6
MacArthur -4
Gaustad -3

We have a problem. Lucky for them, its only November and there is plenty of time to fix things. But they are in a very competitive division and conference. So they can't take time to fix things. It needs to be done by the 1st of December. I was never under the impression they wouldn't struggle. All teams have a down stretch. But this is a bad down stretch losing to Columbus 6-1? No. That can't happen.

Its time for them to play the did in the first part of the year. Lock it down. Turn turnovers into goals. Don't be flashy or lazy. This must be driving Lindy Ruff insane. Benching isn't working. Because your benching Kaleta, who isn't the problem. Bench Roy. That will send the message. He is struggling this year. Sit him down. And if he quits, trade his ass. Gerbe is Roy, but maybe better. You have a replacement. Trade him for something juicy. I'm sure someone needs scoring for a quality player.

Tightening up defensively will improve everything. Goaltending will be better, and offense will capitalize on lazy play from opponents.

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