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Monday, March 2, 2009

Meet your new Bills

Apparently Scruffy was a prerequisite.

Well the Bills have made two signings during this free agency period.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Geoff Hangartner

Yeah I know household names.

But not surprising. The Bills need a backup QB, one that won't secretly want to start and undermine Trent Edwards. And a Center. They filled two needs, with cost efficient players. Thats pretty much the Bills M.O. And probably not a bad one, either. You don't build your team through Free Agency, you do it through the Draft. You add key parts through free agency.

And please stop the trade for Jay Cutler talk. I don't want Jay Cutler. If he couldn't beat the Bills last year at home, then I don't want him as my quarterback. He just seems like a selfish guy. He doesn't rub me the right way.

Picking up Coles, or trading for Tory Holt, maybe Waters from Kansas City, those make more sense, and probably make the team better. But not Jay Cutler, especially for what you have to give up. Listening to the morning show, you'd think Trent Edwards was a disaster. From early in the season, they were calling him the next Tom Brady. You can't go back and forth and come off credible. I still feel Trent Edwards is the guy. I've seen enough. The concussion no doubt effected him.

Oh Boy here's a story about Geoff Hangartner from his college days.

A Texas A&M football player arrested on a drunken driving charge says he didn't yell racial slurs outside a fast-food restaurant as alleged in a police report, his attorney says.

Geoff Hangartner was charged early Monday with driving while intoxicated after police said they followed his vehicle from the restaurant to a nearby home where he failed a field sobriety test.

A Drunk racist.

He'll fit right in with this town.

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