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Friday, May 15, 2009

Avoiding real time.

Well I've been taping the last few games, and having to wait to watch them. And my fiancee wanted to watch them so I said I wouldn't find out the score till she did. So I've been avoiding blogs, newspapers and Tv's in hope of not hearing scores to games till I can watch them the next day. Yesterday was hard, not trying to see what happened in Washington. Boy what a disappointment. But the two games yesterday were not disappointments. Which leads to the topic, can you wait to find out or discuss something anymore?

But in today's age of knowing everything right now and then. It is hard to avoid something you want to find out in your own time. Sure I could have found out the score and then watched the game. Seriously, that is not fun. You know whats coming, and unlike a movie, live events aren't as fun the 2nd time around. Well minus time passing. But after I felt better by avoiding all that info. And you know what? I didn't miss them. I concentrated on other things, you know like work. Its kinda freeing, not worrying about being on top of information. Not worrying if people read your blog. Why not just blog to blog. Let the people come to you. If you have good stuff, then people will read it. And if it isn't that great, how do you make it better? I think having a unique view is one way.

Reading all the blogs, I think influences you in your writing. If you start putting stuff on your own site, that you see on everyone elses, it makes you generic. And there is nothing worse then generic when it comes to blog. Like all those gossip sites, they are all the same. All the political sites are all the same. Same topics, variations on the same views. Why not something completely different and not cheesy. The internet makes fads pass and go with such quickness, that its LOLcat one moment and its keyboard cat the next.

So I think I'll avoid real time from now on, and approach things at my time. Whats the rush? Who cares who's first. I ain't breaking any stories. Just adding my two cents to the already overflowing take a penny jar of opinions. Maybe I should just sit back and wait and form my opinion before expressing it. Just blogging to put up posts shouldn't be the goal. Its not about quanity its quality. Pro Football talk is an example, just useless info all day. I could care less about some DT the Redskins signed. Its just a way to put yourself on the top of blog feeds. Yes if you are making money off it, it makes sense, but otherwise it ruins the quality of the site.

I'll blog when I want to, and about what I want to write. No one will influence me, this is my own and shouldn't have to fall in line with everyone else.

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