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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting giddy about Tyler Myers

I know the kid is still in Juniors. But the Sabres signed him early. They only recently signed their top pick of 2007, and never do they sign a first rounder this early. (It took forever to sign Brian Campbell and he was a 5th round pick.) He is going to be on the Sabres when they start the year next year. They are losing two starting defenders and might ship Tallinder or Lydman out. The kid is just dominating in Juniors and his team is close to winning the Memorial cup. And he puts up pretty decent numbers. I wouldn't call him a offensive defensemen, but he contributes. Especially during the current playoff run.

This year he's had 9 goals with 42 points and a solid +31, hes gone from a -21 to a +31 in 2 years. And in the playoffs he has 5 goals and 2o points and +13. He doesn't shy away from contact. He'll fight he'll hit. He's an imposing figure. Of course players will be bigger in the NHL. But keeping in Kelowna another year is stupid. He's played 3 years already a 4th year will not do a thing. Bring him up. Play him for the first 10 games. If he's a trainwreck send him back to Juniors. If he's solid like I think he'll be. Keep him around. Look at Chris Butler. Couldn't keep him out of the lineup. The Sabres have solid D Men prospects and might have one of the best young bluelines in the up coming years.

Put this kid with Craig Rivet and he'll be an all star in 3 years. Chris Butler will be better next year. Tallinder and Lydman are on their last legs with the team. Lyman played much better and Henrik might be trade bait come the Draft. Especially if there is a player Darcy likes. Sekera should improve, after a disastrous year. Paetsch is a solid utility man, who can play two way. Mike Weber will come training camp, give it all he can to make the team. After his own terrible 2008-2009. Plus any possible free agent signings they may make. Or retain Teppo or Jaroslav.

Its May and the draft and free agency are weeks away. But it can't hurt to get excited. A new year can only lead to new possibilities. And when you see a possible force in the lineup, you can't help but get excited. If Darcy is left to make a hockey team, he can make a team we'll like. He's done it already. No reason why he can't now.

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