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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Buffalo meets Reality (TV)

James McCoy

We all knowTerrell Owens is in town for OTA's. One I'm happy he's here for OTA's, but of course we get the T.O Show for the next week. Which puts us in a weird spot. We love to welcome him with open arms, but now it looks like we're desperate, and unaware of what we have. Like a 10 year old with a Lion Cub. Was the key to the city over the top? You bet. But its politics and it makes good tv. Keys to the city are right up with honorary degrees, in being totally worthless.

But I think all the media coverage, with the addition of a reality show, is bringing out one our biggest fears. Looking bad in front of others. Buffalo always loves showing outsiders a good time and showing off the area. We've taken so many jokes over the year, that it has built up a giant inferiority complex to everyone. So with TO going around his media tour and doing stuff for his show, it just brings up a lot of angst that we'll look stupid or silly and desperate. Its not like we haven't done this before. We welcomed Drew Bledsoe like a conquering hero, that would bring the Bills back to prominince. The Bills like it or not are the identity of Buffalo for the majority of Americans. When the Bills are relevant, so is Buffalo.

Do we forget how many Bills had TV shows during the Glory years? Do any Bills have one now? I know Derrick Dockery had one. Jim Kelly had a show, Thurman Thomas had a show, Cornelius Bennett had a show, Steve Tasker had a show. EVEN STEVE CHRISTIE. We love our Bills, when they are good and make us look good. The Sabres are fun, but the NHL has no American appeal on a large level. Its really why we fear the Bills will leave for Toronto, it makes us minor league. It makes our city somewhat less then others, because we don't have a NFL team. Its kinda stupid, but when we have a NFL team, we feel we are relevant on a national level. And I think that is why all this TO stuff yesterday, bothers people. It exposes us to the Country.

Buffalo usually hides away in our little corner of the world. We enjoy or own stuff, and make fun of all the problems, and thats okay. But when those problems escape the cocoon, we all panic, make excuses and not really fix anything. Just like the Bills need TO to make things uncomfortable and not let average be ok. Maybe the city needs TO to shake us out of our general malaise. Our hope for that savior that never comes or is a false prophet. There is no miracle coming, but if someone can expose us, put the truth out there, maybe we'll start doing something about it. Otherwise, the city and area will languish until nothing is left.

We need to turn from a blue collar town into a white lab coat town. An area that praises achievement and success, and not one that holds people back, because making money isn't "Buffalo". Yes Buffalo has a lot of problems, but they aren't going to be fixed unless they are exposed. Buffalo has a great heart to it. A town that will help out its neighbors in need. Giving to others when people need it. And thats why people will always have a love for their city. But we know things have to change for the area to prosper again, and their is no reason why it can't.

TO might just be a football player, but he will bring a lot of eyes on the area, whether we like it or not, and from the blogs today, we look kinda sad. But Buffalo is desperate for a savior, be it for the football team or the area. We welcome anyone that takes a chance here, and have high hopes, before bitter cynicism creeps in and come August it will with Owens.

I am a optimist who also is a realist. I know the Bills aren't going to get better with just one player, but with hard work and effort they can win. The same applies with the Area. One thing isn't going to save it, not high speed rail, or the Harbor project. But a whole bunch of things and residents working hard to improve things, will help to start a general turnaround or lead to a nice place to live.

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