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Monday, May 11, 2009

Sabres have a 94% Season Ticket Renewal Rate

That means I can get money!

Well the Sabres release their season ticket sales so far, and from last year, they have a 94% reup. Which is pretty good for how people feel about the team. But they love hockey and they know how inexpensive NHL hockey is here. Plus you can sell tickets and make a little cash on the side. The rates are pretty good and the Sabres Direct program, is pretty nice. 9 payments interest free. Who are they GM? But people complain that stuff is too expensive, but when compared to other markets. We have quite the bargain. Yes I know the team sucks to watch at times. But its still fun as hell to go to a hockey game. But honestly the Sabres need ticket sales to stay in business. So with the automatic money coming in, they know what they can do in the offseason. It helps the cap won't go up much, if at all. But I doubt they will try to gouge Leaf fans again, since it didn't work.

Of course this will show the media that Sabre fans still care, and they won't have to do much. But I'd like to think they know better and know they have to change the mindset on the team. Even Dan Paille knows this team needs leadership. It isn't on the team. They are dying to be led by someone. Unfortuntly no one on the team is taking the horns, like Darcy thought they would.

Darcy I trust you, do your magic in the offseason.


Well in the good news department. The Sabres signed Tyler Myers.

Chara Jr. Is signed for 3 years, and has a good chance to make the roster next year. He has had a monster year, and stuck in camp for a while. No doubt Lindy Ruff likes this kid. And the fact they signed him after being named MVP of the WHL playoffs. Is a good sign. How many times have we signed the Sabres having trouble signing draft picks. These days they get the deals done. And no doubt the moment Myers is done in the Memorial cup playoffs, he's coming to Buffalo to train.

They want him to make the roster. He can't do anything in Junior and he's too young for the Minors. (Which is a stupid rule) But they have a bunch of young guys to put in Portland next year. Their blue line is gonna look nice in 2 years.

Tyler Myers is a monster and he is only 19. Get ready Sabre fans.

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