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Friday, May 8, 2009

I don't know if I can root for the Canucks anymore.

Oh man after watching last nights game, I think I was turned off from being a Canucks fan. Man do they suck the life out of hockey. That may have been one of the most boring games ever. They got that first goal and it was like, well thats all we need. Then proceeded to stand up everyone at the blue line, making it a impossible to do anything.

Plus the fact the Ref's weren't calling anything. You put the Pittsburgh crew from game 3 in there and the Blackhawks probably would have had, 12 power plays. Before I was kinda into the Canucks, they had the goaltender and some good scoring, and a feisty defense. I still like Bieksa, hes the type of nasty the Sabres could use on the blueline. But man, did that make that game hard to watch. No wonder people tune into the NBA. You can't just stand up at Center Court and not let people attack the basket.

Give the Hawks credit they kept on fighting and won it in overtime. A game that needed to end soon, and hopefully all tapes will be destroyed and no one can ever watch that mess ever again.

Thank goodness Pittsburgh and Washington are on tonight. Now those are two fun teams to watch. If hockey could be that nice back and forth edge of your seat game. It would be nice. But winning teams clog up the neutral zone, never pinch, and have 4 men back at all times. Its awful. Thats why the Sabres of several years ago were fun. They'd run and gun. Carolina was similar and that was a great series.

The type of play coming out of the lockout is gone, and we've morphed back into the more defensive style, 4 guys back, crowd the net. Bouncing pucks off guys to score. Bulldog was right yesterday, a lot of the NHL product isn't that great. The playoffs are fun, but how many times this year were you bored watching the Sabres. Being a boring product is much worse then being a bad team. If your kinda bad, but fun to watch, people will come. But if your iffy and boring. People will stay away.

If the Sabres think they are going to get sell outs, with an inferior product, then they aren't the smart business people I think they are. We'll go back to the half empty arena pre lockout days. People aren't happy with the product, and in the offseason the Sabres are going to have to excited people to come to their games. People are flocking to the Bills games, because they know its a party.

I know the defensive style wins games. But if the Sabres ever morph into what the Canucks put on the ice last night. I'm switching to the Hamilton Coyotes or whatever they'll be called.

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