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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Conference Final Preview

Ahhh, the Conference finals. Always a fun time. And the two matchups aren't two bad. We have a Original 6 matchup and we have two up and down teams out east. Who don't forget to play defense. But before we look ahead, lets look back and see what I predicted.

Boston in 6.

Mmm wrong, and way off. I was surprised how bad the Bruins were at times in the series. The Canes earned that one.

Penquins in 6.

Close just a game off.

Detroit in 6

See above

Vancouver in 7

Ooops, way off here. Chicago was much better then I thought. Players I don't know impressed me and they should give Detroit a run for their money.

So 50% ain't bad. Round 2 is always hard to predict. I'm sure not a bunch of people took the Canes. But whatever, the Canes always surprise you, and Eric Staal actually shows up.

Lets get into round 3.

Pittsburgh versus Carolina

Right away you think Pittsburgh. But Carolina is tough. Cam Ward is playing well and good goaltending can makeup for other mistakes. After getting rid of Washington, I think the Pens are focused and confident. Pittsburgh has a few more playmakers then Carolina and Malkin still hasn't played that great, nor Kunitz. They get one or both of those guys going and this could be a short series. Cam Ward doesn't come every night, but he'll get a win in a 7 game series. I just like Pittsburgh too much right now.

Pens in 6.

Detroit versus Chicago

Here goaltending comes into factor. Brian Campbell has been playing well, getting the puck up the zone and that can really be a big factor against Detroit and the rest of the defense is pretty solid. But they got away with giving up a lot of goals against Vancouver. That isn't going to happen against Detroit, who just got out of a war and Chicago is nowhere as physical as Anaheim. Toews and Kane are playing well. Datysuk struggled, Zetterberg was alright. I know Chicago has the scoring, but can they outscore Detroit? Because the Bulin Wall has some bricks missing. I think its tight, and fun. But Detroit is better.

Detroit in 7.

There you go a rematch of last year. Oooo fun.

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