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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Items


Well last nights game was pretty good. Though half the Penguins didn't play. Malkin and Staal were no shows. And Crosby, Kunitz and Guerin tried to win the game themselves. Too bad Ovechkin tries to win every game himself. There's a big difference between the two. Crosby if you play him right, you can contain him. He'll set up others, but you can contain him. Ovechkin is all over the place. He'll somehow get into a great shooting position, then rocket a shot past a goaltender. And this is the same Varlamov, the Sabres lit up light a Christmas tree not to long ago right?

Well the Caps put a few in their own net.

And how loud was in there when the Sabres scored? Imagine the Caps Sabres playoffs series, the Sabres would never feel like they were on the road.


Thanks to Die by the Blade, for pointing out there are several good Sabre games online at Hulu. I had the Edmonton game on today. That was nice, to see the Sabres play well. Its fun. To imagine them winning again, instead of debating who to trade so they can get better, and actually play a game that really matters.


I don't know about you, but I love the fact the Bills are trying to scour the country for the best players they can find. Competition is what makes teams better, and if everyone is scared for their job, including Dick Jauron. It should make everyone play like it could be their last play. And if I were Dick Jauron and I heard Jon Gruden, had Season Tickets. I would be scared out of my mind, if i went 2-3 or 2-4. Because Dick this is your last head coaching gig, unless there is someone odd football league out there. You start slow, your ass is gone.

Bring in the best you can find, and make this team hungry. I'm tired of lazy uninspired play. If this team plays smart and with any heart, we'll fall in love with these guys. Bills fans are just waiting to hope again and believe we can actually win something.


I love throwbacks, and the fact the Bills will be wearing them a bunch of times this year, only makes me happy. The current uni's are so blah, and boring. The road ones, just look stupid. I've denied it for too long. Just go back to the old 60's era uniforms, everyone will be happy. Or the 60's era jersey with the 90's era helmet. Whatever. Anything to not remind me of this decade of Bills Football.


Yes I know the Bills were hounded by this offseason, by them having "non Character" guys. But its okay if they work someone out if they had problems. Guess what the worse thing that can happen is they get cut or don't work out. At least they are giving people who could possible help them, a shot. I think there is a new attitude at One Bills Drive. Russ Brandon is changing the Bills corporate culture. And if people think they are moving to Toronto anytime soon. Just look at the fact, they can't even play in Toronto until the CFL Season is over. When they start playing a game in Toronto in September. Then I'll get worried. Regular season game that is. Preseason games don't count.

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