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Monday, May 11, 2009

The post that talks about Steroids.

With the Manny Ramirez story about him testing positive for a substance, that doesn't really enhance your performance, but recovers from a cycle, steroids have come back on the front burner. I really never care about the topic. I guess I see why they are a big deal. Being clean I guess is noble or whatever.

The Olympics are the biggest testers of them all. And they know all the good stuff and try to find the best way to catch the cheaters? MLB probably was the worst, didn't care about steroids, till it was forced on them to catch the cheaters. Because after the lockout, the home run chase was the one thing that brought them back. Steroids helped MLB, we all know it, they won't say that. But after it turned into a negative, they started to crack down. Now games are won on defense and pitching, like they used to. Or the cheaters have found another way, or are too scared. But this brings up the question. Does anyone really care?

Sure it makes great headlines, but you could replace steroids, with Cocaine or hookers or a weapon and it would be the same reaction. Its not shocking anymore, its more a well, kinda figures attitude. It almost seems the media cares, more then the general public. Because the general public isn't shocked by this anymore. We're more shocked if the superstars are clean. If Albert Pujols tested positive, no one would be shocked or Zach Greinke. No one surprises us anymore. We've either become numb to it, apathetic or realistic.

If steroids would help you make millions of dollars, doing what you love to do, would you do it?

The answer for the majority of people is yes.

Because it doesn't involve, hurting others, well minus roid rage, and in the end maybe the team, but only you will be affected by it. There might be some family humiliation, but they benefit by the financial security you have created. You sacrifice your future health and well being for the now. Who knows if they actually help, but they could create a confidence, that helps you reach a new level. Most of these guys already have the athletic skill, the extra edge put them over the top.

This isn't isolated to just sports. People cheat everywhere. School, business, at board games. Everyone tries to get an edge, and there is always some regulator trying to make the playing field level. But what is a level playing field? Not everyone has the same ability. Not everyone is as skilled as another. I'm not going to win a Jeopardy show, but if I rig the buzzer of a smarter person, I have a better shot. Isn't that leveling the field. Bringing them to my level?

What is fair? Well if everyone doesn't take anything then, the most talented come to the front. Well but what if someone trains more, or is more genetically gifted? There are so many variables to the equation, that using something to make you better, is almost on the same level as that extra 10 minutes on the track, or in the gym.

If you don't study and have the answers to the test, yes thats unfair and unethical. Plus the only upside to it, is you get great grades, but when the real world comes around, you won't be prepared, so you get stung down the road. You cheat in business, you may or may not get caught. But of course this hurts a lot of people. Especially if you steal their money. Cheating in Business, minus tax cheats, maybe the worst kind of cheating of all. This hurts people, it creates distrust. The Bernie Madoff's of the world, don't care about stealing money, they don't care about ruining futures. These people disgust me the most, way more then a person using steroids.

So when you talk bad about a person, who gets caught using steroids, think of other cheaters. On the cheaters scale how bad is it? Is it worse then a Scam Artist? Adultery? A Classroom Cheater? A Plagiarist?

Does it lead a bad example? Of course, but compared to other misdoings, using steroids is really low on the list. And that is why I hardly care about someone testing positive. There isn't a fair playing field, its already rigged. Unfortunately instead of that extra hard work, they turn to a substance to get them there.

When thinking about it, I think we all understand. Not all of us would do it, but we would understand.


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