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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Watching the Playoffs

I have been watching a lot of the playoffs, mainly because my Fiancee really wants to watch. I love watching them, but if she didn't want to watch them, I wouldn't because its not worth fighting over. But the fact she like to watch and enjoys it, makes me one happy man. It's also interesting to watch them with someone who really doesn't know the players or the teams. Picks teams based on position, she roots for the Underdog, which means she was happy the Canes won yesterday. That team makes me sick, because they constantly remind me of 2006. Or in Vancouver's case the colors. And really they do have good colors. And to think about it, those are reasons why I root for teams.

I really enjoy watching the NHL Playoffs with her, she'll ask questions about guys or teams. Or make fun of their names. She calls Chara, Goliath. Which he is. She isn't too crazy about Ovechkin, since he's kinda ugly. But likes the Caps. She always loves the goalies, since she was one in College. And she hates the late starts since she can't watch the whole game, since we gotta go to sleep. This I'm totally for, screw those west coast teams, start at 8pm.

Its the little things that I love, when we watch hockey. Like every day she'll ask when the games are on, so I gotta be up to date with the schedule. She gets so into the games. Me I like watching, but I don't need that stress. But I enjoy watching her during the games. She wills players to score. And it works sometimes. I don't know how.

But tonight we'll watch the Hawks Canucks game. And she'll cheer on the blue and green team. While I'll watch Dave Bolland play and try to figure out how the Sabres poach him off the roster. He is a RFA. The Blackhawks are filled with RFA's. Like another team several years ago. Too bad the Canucks are too good and the Hawks run will come to an end. The Sedins are really good by the way.

Another part about the playoffs, discovering players you really like, who probably could loaf through the entire regular season, but come alive during the Playoffs. But anyway, its fun, so I continue to watch, and be throughly entertained.

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