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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Playoffs are great, but...

I love the NHL Playoffs, and the Fiancee and I have been watching a lot of them. Including the end of the Detroit and Anaheim. That and the boring Carolina Boston game. Cam Ward was outstanding, otherwise the Hurricanes are kinda boring outside Staal and LaRose. The Ducks a nice physical team, that have only line. If the Senators were physical and had decent goaltending they would be the Ducks. The Red Wings are the Red Wings. They are the new Big Red Machine. I love Franzen and Holmstrom. Seriously the Sabres need guys like that. Hossa hasn't impressed me like last year, of course he doesn't have a Crosby feeding him the puck. He's back to that overrated player he was in Ottawa and Atlanta. Hossa hasn't helped his contract status for next year, especially with no room to spend, for some of the higher paying teams. And Brian Burke sure isn't getting Marian Hossa.

But I have been struggling to really find a team to root for. I like the Caps, but I just know they are leading me to disappointment. The Penguins I just don't like, the Bruins and Hurricanes, I can't get behind whatsoever. In the West, the Canucks or Blackhawks I don't really care about. I guess I should root for the Hawks, but I don't know. The Wings are just not fun to root for, and to me neither are the Ducks. I think I know my main problem.

I watch these other teams, and constantly think, why can't my team play like that, or have that guy on the roster. Its a little depressing. The playoffs should be fun. There isn't any stress with the Sabres not in the postseason, but there is a depressing feeling, of seeing why your team isn't good enough. Dave Bolland, where did this guy come from? He's a RFA. How about a swap of Bolland and Seabrook for Stafford and a prospect. (Yes I know that would never happen. But whatever) Trade a RFA for RFA and player for player) Then give a nice deal to James Wisniewski, to take him away from the Ducks.

The Sabres need a personality transplant. Make guys just uncomfortable a bit. They don't need a complete overhaul, just a couple guys. They have the guys to be a successful team. Especially in net. They have a good coach, a GM that can make deals for players, but I think they needed two years to really get a feel on what they had. But of course they have little room for Free agent signings, so deals will have to be done.

One player I think that could pull in a good player. Jhonas Enroth. He had a good year in the AHL, and they don't need a starting goaltender. So he can become a valuable asset to acquire the right player.

But what do I know? Nothing. Thats why they don't listen to me ever. I just don't want this depressing feeling anymore watching other teams in the playoffs.

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