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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Corey Mcintyre likes to show you what he got.

Oh he spent time in Germany that could explain it.

Bills Fullback Corey Mcintyre, um make that former Bills fullback. Was arrested Friday for exposing his sexual organs, which is a charge that sounds as gross as you would expect.

According to the newspaper report, a 59-year-old woman was at home about 8:30 a.m., March 20, when someone knocked at her window. She looked out the window to see a man masturbating, the newspaper reported.

Really a 59 year old woman. Is Corey into GILF's? And how can this be mistaken identity. Its not like people are trying to pin crimes on a journeyman Fullback. But seriously how screwed up do you have to be, to rub one out in front of a 59 year old. And yes we don't know what she looks like. But seriously. I think Florida makes you crazy. I stay away from that place at all costs. Look at all the weird stuff that happens down there.

I wonder if Corey will be at OTA's this week, or the Bills will excuse him. Seriously, whats up with the Bills this offseason. Ko Simpson goes off and thinks hes important, Marshawn gets caught with weed and a gun, Donte gets tasered. And now a fullback gets caught whacking off to a grandma.

Are the Bills are a fictional drama now? Are the Bills the real Playmakers. All we need is a gay Tight end, and the Bills are all set. Wait, that show was filmed in Toronto. Oh no.

Do we root for a fake team?

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