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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Operating in the Dark

I'm operating in the dark today. I don't know who won yesterday. And I don't want to know till later tonight. Me and the Fiancee decided to taping things, and were watching the game from Sunday and I couldn't hold off and found out who won, and it made the game boring. Well except for the fights. But I am determined not to find out what happened. That means not looking at the Sports page. Not looking at sports blogs, except football or baseball specific blogs. No news sites local stuff or anything. Plus no sports radio, using the car cd player today.

I am dying to know what happened. AND I DON'T WANNA KNOW. In my mind the game stopped when we stopped it and went to bed. Plus I have no clue what happened in Chicago, and don't care what happened, but I want to be surprised. This is going to be a test, but I will have work distract me and South Park really is distracting me. What a great show. Plus maybe 24 will distract me or Colbert Report, things that will make me not surf the web. Plus I have more work coming in.

The biggest issue. The Gym. With all those Tv's. Will I have to stare at Glenn Beck and his insanity for 30 minutes. Or maybe hit the bike and put on the tv on the history channel, MonsterQuest has to be on right? I love Monsterquest. Its garbage tv, and it makes me want investigate local phenomenon. I could just watch CNBC, and watch the experts give me wrong info. Those guys are always fun. If they were good they still be in finance. People who are on TV are there, because they are good on tv, and look like experts. Thats my opinion.

Thats why I'm not on tv. Not a expert nor good on TV.

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