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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting giddy about Tyler Myers

I know the kid is still in Juniors. But the Sabres signed him early. They only recently signed their top pick of 2007, and never do they sign a first rounder this early. (It took forever to sign Brian Campbell and he was a 5th round pick.) He is going to be on the Sabres when they start the year next year. They are losing two starting defenders and might ship Tallinder or Lydman out. The kid is just dominating in Juniors and his team is close to winning the Memorial cup. And he puts up pretty decent numbers. I wouldn't call him a offensive defensemen, but he contributes. Especially during the current playoff run.

This year he's had 9 goals with 42 points and a solid +31, hes gone from a -21 to a +31 in 2 years. And in the playoffs he has 5 goals and 2o points and +13. He doesn't shy away from contact. He'll fight he'll hit. He's an imposing figure. Of course players will be bigger in the NHL. But keeping in Kelowna another year is stupid. He's played 3 years already a 4th year will not do a thing. Bring him up. Play him for the first 10 games. If he's a trainwreck send him back to Juniors. If he's solid like I think he'll be. Keep him around. Look at Chris Butler. Couldn't keep him out of the lineup. The Sabres have solid D Men prospects and might have one of the best young bluelines in the up coming years.

Put this kid with Craig Rivet and he'll be an all star in 3 years. Chris Butler will be better next year. Tallinder and Lydman are on their last legs with the team. Lyman played much better and Henrik might be trade bait come the Draft. Especially if there is a player Darcy likes. Sekera should improve, after a disastrous year. Paetsch is a solid utility man, who can play two way. Mike Weber will come training camp, give it all he can to make the team. After his own terrible 2008-2009. Plus any possible free agent signings they may make. Or retain Teppo or Jaroslav.

Its May and the draft and free agency are weeks away. But it can't hurt to get excited. A new year can only lead to new possibilities. And when you see a possible force in the lineup, you can't help but get excited. If Darcy is left to make a hockey team, he can make a team we'll like. He's done it already. No reason why he can't now.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Buffalo meets Reality (TV)

James McCoy

We all knowTerrell Owens is in town for OTA's. One I'm happy he's here for OTA's, but of course we get the T.O Show for the next week. Which puts us in a weird spot. We love to welcome him with open arms, but now it looks like we're desperate, and unaware of what we have. Like a 10 year old with a Lion Cub. Was the key to the city over the top? You bet. But its politics and it makes good tv. Keys to the city are right up with honorary degrees, in being totally worthless.

But I think all the media coverage, with the addition of a reality show, is bringing out one our biggest fears. Looking bad in front of others. Buffalo always loves showing outsiders a good time and showing off the area. We've taken so many jokes over the year, that it has built up a giant inferiority complex to everyone. So with TO going around his media tour and doing stuff for his show, it just brings up a lot of angst that we'll look stupid or silly and desperate. Its not like we haven't done this before. We welcomed Drew Bledsoe like a conquering hero, that would bring the Bills back to prominince. The Bills like it or not are the identity of Buffalo for the majority of Americans. When the Bills are relevant, so is Buffalo.

Do we forget how many Bills had TV shows during the Glory years? Do any Bills have one now? I know Derrick Dockery had one. Jim Kelly had a show, Thurman Thomas had a show, Cornelius Bennett had a show, Steve Tasker had a show. EVEN STEVE CHRISTIE. We love our Bills, when they are good and make us look good. The Sabres are fun, but the NHL has no American appeal on a large level. Its really why we fear the Bills will leave for Toronto, it makes us minor league. It makes our city somewhat less then others, because we don't have a NFL team. Its kinda stupid, but when we have a NFL team, we feel we are relevant on a national level. And I think that is why all this TO stuff yesterday, bothers people. It exposes us to the Country.

Buffalo usually hides away in our little corner of the world. We enjoy or own stuff, and make fun of all the problems, and thats okay. But when those problems escape the cocoon, we all panic, make excuses and not really fix anything. Just like the Bills need TO to make things uncomfortable and not let average be ok. Maybe the city needs TO to shake us out of our general malaise. Our hope for that savior that never comes or is a false prophet. There is no miracle coming, but if someone can expose us, put the truth out there, maybe we'll start doing something about it. Otherwise, the city and area will languish until nothing is left.

We need to turn from a blue collar town into a white lab coat town. An area that praises achievement and success, and not one that holds people back, because making money isn't "Buffalo". Yes Buffalo has a lot of problems, but they aren't going to be fixed unless they are exposed. Buffalo has a great heart to it. A town that will help out its neighbors in need. Giving to others when people need it. And thats why people will always have a love for their city. But we know things have to change for the area to prosper again, and their is no reason why it can't.

TO might just be a football player, but he will bring a lot of eyes on the area, whether we like it or not, and from the blogs today, we look kinda sad. But Buffalo is desperate for a savior, be it for the football team or the area. We welcome anyone that takes a chance here, and have high hopes, before bitter cynicism creeps in and come August it will with Owens.

I am a optimist who also is a realist. I know the Bills aren't going to get better with just one player, but with hard work and effort they can win. The same applies with the Area. One thing isn't going to save it, not high speed rail, or the Harbor project. But a whole bunch of things and residents working hard to improve things, will help to start a general turnaround or lead to a nice place to live.

Monday, May 18, 2009

T.O Gets the Key to the City.

With the news that Mr Owens will be getting the key to the City today. I thought it be fun to imagine how the ceremony goes.

Scene: Albright Knox Art Gallery on a Sunny but cool day on front steps facing Hoyt Lake.

Mayor Brown: As the mayor of the great City of Buffalo, I today declare it Terrell Owens Day in Buffalo and hand Mr Owens a key to our city.

(polite applause)

Terrell Owens: Thank you Mayor Brown. Thank you to the city of Buffalo for welcoming me with open arms. And I will repay you come this year. When TO brings a championship to Bills fans. This is the perfect place for me to receive this honor, since I am a work of art. (Starts flexing muscles) (Tweets what he's doing)

Thank you again to Mayor Brown, the City of Buffalo and Bills fans everywhere. Get your Chicken wings ready. Because we are gonna put on a show this year.

(Screams of excitement from delusional Bills fans in attendance)

TO: Mmmm, This gallery looks interesting I wonder whats inside. TO loves him some art.

Security Guard: I'm sorry but the Gallery is closed this week, because of cost cutting measures.

TO: But I have the key to the City, and I should be able to get in everywhere.

Security Guard: Mmmm, ok, but don't touch anything.

TO: Don't worry about that, you'll have to worry about the art wanting to touch TO.

Guard laughs, asks for autograph

TO: Mmm interesting works of art. For a gallery in Buffalo, there is a decent collection.

van gogh
Van Gogh


de Kooning
de Koonig

TO: So many classic artists, mixed with contemporary works. TO finds this very fascinating. This would be a great place to have a date on my new Reality show.

TO: Mmm whats this room.

(TO walks into the Mirror Room)

mirror room

TO: OH MY GOSH! This is the greatest work of art ever. A Room full of TOs. I don't know what to say, its so beautiful. (Starts crying)

1 hour later

Security Guard: Mr Owens! Are you okay?

Owens doesn't respond


No response

Scott Berchtold: (comes running) Its okay, its okay. He is just marveling at himself. We went to a carnival and they had those funny mirrors and it was the same thing. Just let him be, and he'll eventually have to Tweet or call somebody.

Security Guard: Oh man thats kinda weird.

Scott Berchtold: Well TO loves him some TO. We're lucky he doesn't go Cory Mcintyre on us.

Security Guard: Oh Man gross.

Scott Berchtold: Its gonna be a long season.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Conference Final Preview

Ahhh, the Conference finals. Always a fun time. And the two matchups aren't two bad. We have a Original 6 matchup and we have two up and down teams out east. Who don't forget to play defense. But before we look ahead, lets look back and see what I predicted.

Boston in 6.

Mmm wrong, and way off. I was surprised how bad the Bruins were at times in the series. The Canes earned that one.

Penquins in 6.

Close just a game off.

Detroit in 6

See above

Vancouver in 7

Ooops, way off here. Chicago was much better then I thought. Players I don't know impressed me and they should give Detroit a run for their money.

So 50% ain't bad. Round 2 is always hard to predict. I'm sure not a bunch of people took the Canes. But whatever, the Canes always surprise you, and Eric Staal actually shows up.

Lets get into round 3.

Pittsburgh versus Carolina

Right away you think Pittsburgh. But Carolina is tough. Cam Ward is playing well and good goaltending can makeup for other mistakes. After getting rid of Washington, I think the Pens are focused and confident. Pittsburgh has a few more playmakers then Carolina and Malkin still hasn't played that great, nor Kunitz. They get one or both of those guys going and this could be a short series. Cam Ward doesn't come every night, but he'll get a win in a 7 game series. I just like Pittsburgh too much right now.

Pens in 6.

Detroit versus Chicago

Here goaltending comes into factor. Brian Campbell has been playing well, getting the puck up the zone and that can really be a big factor against Detroit and the rest of the defense is pretty solid. But they got away with giving up a lot of goals against Vancouver. That isn't going to happen against Detroit, who just got out of a war and Chicago is nowhere as physical as Anaheim. Toews and Kane are playing well. Datysuk struggled, Zetterberg was alright. I know Chicago has the scoring, but can they outscore Detroit? Because the Bulin Wall has some bricks missing. I think its tight, and fun. But Detroit is better.

Detroit in 7.

There you go a rematch of last year. Oooo fun.

Corey Mcintyre likes to show you what he got.

Oh he spent time in Germany that could explain it.

Bills Fullback Corey Mcintyre, um make that former Bills fullback. Was arrested Friday for exposing his sexual organs, which is a charge that sounds as gross as you would expect.

According to the newspaper report, a 59-year-old woman was at home about 8:30 a.m., March 20, when someone knocked at her window. She looked out the window to see a man masturbating, the newspaper reported.

Really a 59 year old woman. Is Corey into GILF's? And how can this be mistaken identity. Its not like people are trying to pin crimes on a journeyman Fullback. But seriously how screwed up do you have to be, to rub one out in front of a 59 year old. And yes we don't know what she looks like. But seriously. I think Florida makes you crazy. I stay away from that place at all costs. Look at all the weird stuff that happens down there.

I wonder if Corey will be at OTA's this week, or the Bills will excuse him. Seriously, whats up with the Bills this offseason. Ko Simpson goes off and thinks hes important, Marshawn gets caught with weed and a gun, Donte gets tasered. And now a fullback gets caught whacking off to a grandma.

Are the Bills are a fictional drama now? Are the Bills the real Playmakers. All we need is a gay Tight end, and the Bills are all set. Wait, that show was filmed in Toronto. Oh no.

Do we root for a fake team?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Avoiding real time.

Well I've been taping the last few games, and having to wait to watch them. And my fiancee wanted to watch them so I said I wouldn't find out the score till she did. So I've been avoiding blogs, newspapers and Tv's in hope of not hearing scores to games till I can watch them the next day. Yesterday was hard, not trying to see what happened in Washington. Boy what a disappointment. But the two games yesterday were not disappointments. Which leads to the topic, can you wait to find out or discuss something anymore?

But in today's age of knowing everything right now and then. It is hard to avoid something you want to find out in your own time. Sure I could have found out the score and then watched the game. Seriously, that is not fun. You know whats coming, and unlike a movie, live events aren't as fun the 2nd time around. Well minus time passing. But after I felt better by avoiding all that info. And you know what? I didn't miss them. I concentrated on other things, you know like work. Its kinda freeing, not worrying about being on top of information. Not worrying if people read your blog. Why not just blog to blog. Let the people come to you. If you have good stuff, then people will read it. And if it isn't that great, how do you make it better? I think having a unique view is one way.

Reading all the blogs, I think influences you in your writing. If you start putting stuff on your own site, that you see on everyone elses, it makes you generic. And there is nothing worse then generic when it comes to blog. Like all those gossip sites, they are all the same. All the political sites are all the same. Same topics, variations on the same views. Why not something completely different and not cheesy. The internet makes fads pass and go with such quickness, that its LOLcat one moment and its keyboard cat the next.

So I think I'll avoid real time from now on, and approach things at my time. Whats the rush? Who cares who's first. I ain't breaking any stories. Just adding my two cents to the already overflowing take a penny jar of opinions. Maybe I should just sit back and wait and form my opinion before expressing it. Just blogging to put up posts shouldn't be the goal. Its not about quanity its quality. Pro Football talk is an example, just useless info all day. I could care less about some DT the Redskins signed. Its just a way to put yourself on the top of blog feeds. Yes if you are making money off it, it makes sense, but otherwise it ruins the quality of the site.

I'll blog when I want to, and about what I want to write. No one will influence me, this is my own and shouldn't have to fall in line with everyone else.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Operating in the Dark

I'm operating in the dark today. I don't know who won yesterday. And I don't want to know till later tonight. Me and the Fiancee decided to taping things, and were watching the game from Sunday and I couldn't hold off and found out who won, and it made the game boring. Well except for the fights. But I am determined not to find out what happened. That means not looking at the Sports page. Not looking at sports blogs, except football or baseball specific blogs. No news sites local stuff or anything. Plus no sports radio, using the car cd player today.

I am dying to know what happened. AND I DON'T WANNA KNOW. In my mind the game stopped when we stopped it and went to bed. Plus I have no clue what happened in Chicago, and don't care what happened, but I want to be surprised. This is going to be a test, but I will have work distract me and South Park really is distracting me. What a great show. Plus maybe 24 will distract me or Colbert Report, things that will make me not surf the web. Plus I have more work coming in.

The biggest issue. The Gym. With all those Tv's. Will I have to stare at Glenn Beck and his insanity for 30 minutes. Or maybe hit the bike and put on the tv on the history channel, MonsterQuest has to be on right? I love Monsterquest. Its garbage tv, and it makes me want investigate local phenomenon. I could just watch CNBC, and watch the experts give me wrong info. Those guys are always fun. If they were good they still be in finance. People who are on TV are there, because they are good on tv, and look like experts. Thats my opinion.

Thats why I'm not on tv. Not a expert nor good on TV.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sabres have a 94% Season Ticket Renewal Rate

That means I can get money!

Well the Sabres release their season ticket sales so far, and from last year, they have a 94% reup. Which is pretty good for how people feel about the team. But they love hockey and they know how inexpensive NHL hockey is here. Plus you can sell tickets and make a little cash on the side. The rates are pretty good and the Sabres Direct program, is pretty nice. 9 payments interest free. Who are they GM? But people complain that stuff is too expensive, but when compared to other markets. We have quite the bargain. Yes I know the team sucks to watch at times. But its still fun as hell to go to a hockey game. But honestly the Sabres need ticket sales to stay in business. So with the automatic money coming in, they know what they can do in the offseason. It helps the cap won't go up much, if at all. But I doubt they will try to gouge Leaf fans again, since it didn't work.

Of course this will show the media that Sabre fans still care, and they won't have to do much. But I'd like to think they know better and know they have to change the mindset on the team. Even Dan Paille knows this team needs leadership. It isn't on the team. They are dying to be led by someone. Unfortuntly no one on the team is taking the horns, like Darcy thought they would.

Darcy I trust you, do your magic in the offseason.


Well in the good news department. The Sabres signed Tyler Myers.

Chara Jr. Is signed for 3 years, and has a good chance to make the roster next year. He has had a monster year, and stuck in camp for a while. No doubt Lindy Ruff likes this kid. And the fact they signed him after being named MVP of the WHL playoffs. Is a good sign. How many times have we signed the Sabres having trouble signing draft picks. These days they get the deals done. And no doubt the moment Myers is done in the Memorial cup playoffs, he's coming to Buffalo to train.

They want him to make the roster. He can't do anything in Junior and he's too young for the Minors. (Which is a stupid rule) But they have a bunch of young guys to put in Portland next year. Their blue line is gonna look nice in 2 years.

Tyler Myers is a monster and he is only 19. Get ready Sabre fans.

The post that talks about Steroids.

With the Manny Ramirez story about him testing positive for a substance, that doesn't really enhance your performance, but recovers from a cycle, steroids have come back on the front burner. I really never care about the topic. I guess I see why they are a big deal. Being clean I guess is noble or whatever.

The Olympics are the biggest testers of them all. And they know all the good stuff and try to find the best way to catch the cheaters? MLB probably was the worst, didn't care about steroids, till it was forced on them to catch the cheaters. Because after the lockout, the home run chase was the one thing that brought them back. Steroids helped MLB, we all know it, they won't say that. But after it turned into a negative, they started to crack down. Now games are won on defense and pitching, like they used to. Or the cheaters have found another way, or are too scared. But this brings up the question. Does anyone really care?

Sure it makes great headlines, but you could replace steroids, with Cocaine or hookers or a weapon and it would be the same reaction. Its not shocking anymore, its more a well, kinda figures attitude. It almost seems the media cares, more then the general public. Because the general public isn't shocked by this anymore. We're more shocked if the superstars are clean. If Albert Pujols tested positive, no one would be shocked or Zach Greinke. No one surprises us anymore. We've either become numb to it, apathetic or realistic.

If steroids would help you make millions of dollars, doing what you love to do, would you do it?

The answer for the majority of people is yes.

Because it doesn't involve, hurting others, well minus roid rage, and in the end maybe the team, but only you will be affected by it. There might be some family humiliation, but they benefit by the financial security you have created. You sacrifice your future health and well being for the now. Who knows if they actually help, but they could create a confidence, that helps you reach a new level. Most of these guys already have the athletic skill, the extra edge put them over the top.

This isn't isolated to just sports. People cheat everywhere. School, business, at board games. Everyone tries to get an edge, and there is always some regulator trying to make the playing field level. But what is a level playing field? Not everyone has the same ability. Not everyone is as skilled as another. I'm not going to win a Jeopardy show, but if I rig the buzzer of a smarter person, I have a better shot. Isn't that leveling the field. Bringing them to my level?

What is fair? Well if everyone doesn't take anything then, the most talented come to the front. Well but what if someone trains more, or is more genetically gifted? There are so many variables to the equation, that using something to make you better, is almost on the same level as that extra 10 minutes on the track, or in the gym.

If you don't study and have the answers to the test, yes thats unfair and unethical. Plus the only upside to it, is you get great grades, but when the real world comes around, you won't be prepared, so you get stung down the road. You cheat in business, you may or may not get caught. But of course this hurts a lot of people. Especially if you steal their money. Cheating in Business, minus tax cheats, maybe the worst kind of cheating of all. This hurts people, it creates distrust. The Bernie Madoff's of the world, don't care about stealing money, they don't care about ruining futures. These people disgust me the most, way more then a person using steroids.

So when you talk bad about a person, who gets caught using steroids, think of other cheaters. On the cheaters scale how bad is it? Is it worse then a Scam Artist? Adultery? A Classroom Cheater? A Plagiarist?

Does it lead a bad example? Of course, but compared to other misdoings, using steroids is really low on the list. And that is why I hardly care about someone testing positive. There isn't a fair playing field, its already rigged. Unfortunately instead of that extra hard work, they turn to a substance to get them there.

When thinking about it, I think we all understand. Not all of us would do it, but we would understand.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I don't know if I can root for the Canucks anymore.

Oh man after watching last nights game, I think I was turned off from being a Canucks fan. Man do they suck the life out of hockey. That may have been one of the most boring games ever. They got that first goal and it was like, well thats all we need. Then proceeded to stand up everyone at the blue line, making it a impossible to do anything.

Plus the fact the Ref's weren't calling anything. You put the Pittsburgh crew from game 3 in there and the Blackhawks probably would have had, 12 power plays. Before I was kinda into the Canucks, they had the goaltender and some good scoring, and a feisty defense. I still like Bieksa, hes the type of nasty the Sabres could use on the blueline. But man, did that make that game hard to watch. No wonder people tune into the NBA. You can't just stand up at Center Court and not let people attack the basket.

Give the Hawks credit they kept on fighting and won it in overtime. A game that needed to end soon, and hopefully all tapes will be destroyed and no one can ever watch that mess ever again.

Thank goodness Pittsburgh and Washington are on tonight. Now those are two fun teams to watch. If hockey could be that nice back and forth edge of your seat game. It would be nice. But winning teams clog up the neutral zone, never pinch, and have 4 men back at all times. Its awful. Thats why the Sabres of several years ago were fun. They'd run and gun. Carolina was similar and that was a great series.

The type of play coming out of the lockout is gone, and we've morphed back into the more defensive style, 4 guys back, crowd the net. Bouncing pucks off guys to score. Bulldog was right yesterday, a lot of the NHL product isn't that great. The playoffs are fun, but how many times this year were you bored watching the Sabres. Being a boring product is much worse then being a bad team. If your kinda bad, but fun to watch, people will come. But if your iffy and boring. People will stay away.

If the Sabres think they are going to get sell outs, with an inferior product, then they aren't the smart business people I think they are. We'll go back to the half empty arena pre lockout days. People aren't happy with the product, and in the offseason the Sabres are going to have to excited people to come to their games. People are flocking to the Bills games, because they know its a party.

I know the defensive style wins games. But if the Sabres ever morph into what the Canucks put on the ice last night. I'm switching to the Hamilton Coyotes or whatever they'll be called.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Watching the Playoffs

I have been watching a lot of the playoffs, mainly because my Fiancee really wants to watch. I love watching them, but if she didn't want to watch them, I wouldn't because its not worth fighting over. But the fact she like to watch and enjoys it, makes me one happy man. It's also interesting to watch them with someone who really doesn't know the players or the teams. Picks teams based on position, she roots for the Underdog, which means she was happy the Canes won yesterday. That team makes me sick, because they constantly remind me of 2006. Or in Vancouver's case the colors. And really they do have good colors. And to think about it, those are reasons why I root for teams.

I really enjoy watching the NHL Playoffs with her, she'll ask questions about guys or teams. Or make fun of their names. She calls Chara, Goliath. Which he is. She isn't too crazy about Ovechkin, since he's kinda ugly. But likes the Caps. She always loves the goalies, since she was one in College. And she hates the late starts since she can't watch the whole game, since we gotta go to sleep. This I'm totally for, screw those west coast teams, start at 8pm.

Its the little things that I love, when we watch hockey. Like every day she'll ask when the games are on, so I gotta be up to date with the schedule. She gets so into the games. Me I like watching, but I don't need that stress. But I enjoy watching her during the games. She wills players to score. And it works sometimes. I don't know how.

But tonight we'll watch the Hawks Canucks game. And she'll cheer on the blue and green team. While I'll watch Dave Bolland play and try to figure out how the Sabres poach him off the roster. He is a RFA. The Blackhawks are filled with RFA's. Like another team several years ago. Too bad the Canucks are too good and the Hawks run will come to an end. The Sedins are really good by the way.

Another part about the playoffs, discovering players you really like, who probably could loaf through the entire regular season, but come alive during the Playoffs. But anyway, its fun, so I continue to watch, and be throughly entertained.

Potential timebomb

No this has nothing to do with Terrell Owens. Whom will be fine this year, the only thing we have to worry about is his play. But a interesting issue, that I didn't know about, but after reading a few articles about it in Pro Football Talk. Makes me think.

Its about a recent change in policy regarding pension plans and how it effects NFL assistant coaches. The league I guess up until March of 2009 made teams put their coaches through the league run pension plan. With the current recession, changes were made, where teams could opt out and do whatever. 401k, their own pension, praying that they will have job until they die or some other retirement plan. And yes the Bills are one of those teams that opted out. Including the 49ers, Saints, Cardinals, Falcons, Cowboys, Texans and Patriots. The Patriots opting out doesn't shock me in the least. Bob Kraft always seems to me, like the screwing over employees type. Its why they are so successful. They don't care about cutting someone that has served them well. And yes if Tom Brady slips, he'll be out of there and traded for draft picks.

You may think, whats the big deal, I don't have a pension why should they? Well Howard Mudd thought it was a issue and retired. Tom Moore may follow. All of a sudden, the Colts are out of two of their best coaches. Because the NFL Owners have decided to join the ranks of most Business owners, and letting employees decide their own plan or whatever. Which means we'll go back to the good old days of working till you die. No more early retirement, well unless you're wealthy. Assistant coaches are very transient, and their jobs are never secure, especially in todays NFL. And you take away their saftey net? Its gonna make a lot of them angry. And probably unionize. With the CBA ending soon. You could have two parties, looking to make deals with the Owners. Dealing with one union is tough, but two?

Making business decisions based on expenses you don't deem "necessary" can always come back to bite you. The Owners are really going to dig in, with tons of debt and wanting to get more of the pie, the new Contract is going to be a rought one. And with a new NFLPA boss, who I'm sure doesn't want to look weak in his first real test. Might have found a new allie in the coaches. You need all the allies you can get in a war. And in the next few years, the new contract will be a war.

It may seem like a non issue now. But screwing with peoples pensions, especially after what happened in the stock market, will get people edgy. Yes I know it will go back up. People lost a lot of money, the last year, and if I were 60, 65, and edging toward retirement, i'd be pretty scared of my security. Now my employer wants to opt out of what was a obligation? I'd get pretty angry. Angry enough to stick it to my boss? Maybe.

With TV, reaching its market peak, I don't think they'll offer more to keep football, they are tapped out. And Rookies getting so much money. Now coaches having their pensions stripped away. The next contract, could be the most important, since Free Agency was allowed. (Notice the Bills haven't been to a Super Bowl since then) The owners are going to try to give less to the players, and the Players I'm sure won't want to give in. I'm sure each side has its war chest.

The NFL is going to the mattreses soon. And us the fans, we'll caught in the cross fire. So get your NFL enjoyment now, because we might just have College Football to get us through the Fall soon.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Fight of the Summer

The now bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes, are going to be fought over this summer. A franchise that hasn't sniffed the Playoffs since 2002. (The Curse of Teppo!) That doesn't have much star power,(yes besides Wayne, though I would love if Darcy could pry Shane Doan away) so it wouldn't look like something to be fought over. But the pissing match between Gary Bettman and Jim Balsillie is going to come to a head this summer. Both sides will smear the other. Over which seems to me like a win win situation for the league. You move a bad business, to a area where it will prosper, making more money for the league and its owners, and with proper management could be a decent team in the league. Rather remaining in a lukewarm market, where they have to give tickets away to get people to come.

You don't open a steakhouse in the middle of a Vegan neighborhood. And you don't move hockey team to the desert. I know Bettman's mission is grow the game in the US. But its okay to concentrate on your strong demographics. Its okay to fail, as long as you tried. I think the NHL needs to pull out in a couple markets to make the game stronger. Of course as a Sabre fan thats a bit hypocritical after the NHL saved the Sabres. But the Sabres had positive history and ran into a problem with the owner. The Coyotes have always been a money pit. Trying to keep them afloat just to have a presence doesn't make sense. (You can say that for the Car companies too) I wouldn't have a problem with straight out folding the team. Of course if you have a guy with cash willing to snap it up and run it, you go with that option first.

The NHL never does the "make sense" solution. Yes it does infringe, possibly, on Detroit, Buffalo and Toronto's regional rights. But the hockey market is strong, it can support another team. You would think people who are Sabre fans would stay Sabre fans, rather then jump ship to the Hamilton/Kitchener/Ontario Coyotes.

Gary Bettman will fight Mr Blackberry every step of the way, especially if they have 30 million into the team. There are many other issues as well. Arena issues, realignment issues, player issues. The NHL won't let Jim Balsillie move the team to S. Ontario if they don't want to, and may suggest another location. Las Vegas or Kansas City. Las Vegas would solve the realignment issue. Kansas City would solve the Arena issue. But if Jim Balsillie doesn't get where he wants to move the team, he probably won't purchase the franchise. Then you are back to square 1. A money pit in the Desert, that no one wants to buy.

The easiest solution is for the NHL to let Balsillie buy the team, please the creditors, and move it where he wants.

But the NHL never opts for the easy solution. So we are going to get a hell of a fight come this summer, where it ends, no one knows. All I know is if I where UFA, the Coyotes isn't a team I look at. And if played on the Coyotes, I hope I don't own any property in the Phoenix area.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Items


Well last nights game was pretty good. Though half the Penguins didn't play. Malkin and Staal were no shows. And Crosby, Kunitz and Guerin tried to win the game themselves. Too bad Ovechkin tries to win every game himself. There's a big difference between the two. Crosby if you play him right, you can contain him. He'll set up others, but you can contain him. Ovechkin is all over the place. He'll somehow get into a great shooting position, then rocket a shot past a goaltender. And this is the same Varlamov, the Sabres lit up light a Christmas tree not to long ago right?

Well the Caps put a few in their own net.

And how loud was in there when the Sabres scored? Imagine the Caps Sabres playoffs series, the Sabres would never feel like they were on the road.


Thanks to Die by the Blade, for pointing out there are several good Sabre games online at Hulu. I had the Edmonton game on today. That was nice, to see the Sabres play well. Its fun. To imagine them winning again, instead of debating who to trade so they can get better, and actually play a game that really matters.


I don't know about you, but I love the fact the Bills are trying to scour the country for the best players they can find. Competition is what makes teams better, and if everyone is scared for their job, including Dick Jauron. It should make everyone play like it could be their last play. And if I were Dick Jauron and I heard Jon Gruden, had Season Tickets. I would be scared out of my mind, if i went 2-3 or 2-4. Because Dick this is your last head coaching gig, unless there is someone odd football league out there. You start slow, your ass is gone.

Bring in the best you can find, and make this team hungry. I'm tired of lazy uninspired play. If this team plays smart and with any heart, we'll fall in love with these guys. Bills fans are just waiting to hope again and believe we can actually win something.


I love throwbacks, and the fact the Bills will be wearing them a bunch of times this year, only makes me happy. The current uni's are so blah, and boring. The road ones, just look stupid. I've denied it for too long. Just go back to the old 60's era uniforms, everyone will be happy. Or the 60's era jersey with the 90's era helmet. Whatever. Anything to not remind me of this decade of Bills Football.


Yes I know the Bills were hounded by this offseason, by them having "non Character" guys. But its okay if they work someone out if they had problems. Guess what the worse thing that can happen is they get cut or don't work out. At least they are giving people who could possible help them, a shot. I think there is a new attitude at One Bills Drive. Russ Brandon is changing the Bills corporate culture. And if people think they are moving to Toronto anytime soon. Just look at the fact, they can't even play in Toronto until the CFL Season is over. When they start playing a game in Toronto in September. Then I'll get worried. Regular season game that is. Preseason games don't count.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Playoffs are great, but...

I love the NHL Playoffs, and the Fiancee and I have been watching a lot of them. Including the end of the Detroit and Anaheim. That and the boring Carolina Boston game. Cam Ward was outstanding, otherwise the Hurricanes are kinda boring outside Staal and LaRose. The Ducks a nice physical team, that have only line. If the Senators were physical and had decent goaltending they would be the Ducks. The Red Wings are the Red Wings. They are the new Big Red Machine. I love Franzen and Holmstrom. Seriously the Sabres need guys like that. Hossa hasn't impressed me like last year, of course he doesn't have a Crosby feeding him the puck. He's back to that overrated player he was in Ottawa and Atlanta. Hossa hasn't helped his contract status for next year, especially with no room to spend, for some of the higher paying teams. And Brian Burke sure isn't getting Marian Hossa.

But I have been struggling to really find a team to root for. I like the Caps, but I just know they are leading me to disappointment. The Penguins I just don't like, the Bruins and Hurricanes, I can't get behind whatsoever. In the West, the Canucks or Blackhawks I don't really care about. I guess I should root for the Hawks, but I don't know. The Wings are just not fun to root for, and to me neither are the Ducks. I think I know my main problem.

I watch these other teams, and constantly think, why can't my team play like that, or have that guy on the roster. Its a little depressing. The playoffs should be fun. There isn't any stress with the Sabres not in the postseason, but there is a depressing feeling, of seeing why your team isn't good enough. Dave Bolland, where did this guy come from? He's a RFA. How about a swap of Bolland and Seabrook for Stafford and a prospect. (Yes I know that would never happen. But whatever) Trade a RFA for RFA and player for player) Then give a nice deal to James Wisniewski, to take him away from the Ducks.

The Sabres need a personality transplant. Make guys just uncomfortable a bit. They don't need a complete overhaul, just a couple guys. They have the guys to be a successful team. Especially in net. They have a good coach, a GM that can make deals for players, but I think they needed two years to really get a feel on what they had. But of course they have little room for Free agent signings, so deals will have to be done.

One player I think that could pull in a good player. Jhonas Enroth. He had a good year in the AHL, and they don't need a starting goaltender. So he can become a valuable asset to acquire the right player.

But what do I know? Nothing. Thats why they don't listen to me ever. I just don't want this depressing feeling anymore watching other teams in the playoffs.

Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day

Its the Playoffs and its the beginning of May. And everytime I hear "May Day" I think of this goal. And how excited I was by it.

That probably is the best move Brad May ever but on anyone.

Yes it was a sweep of the Bruins. But the Sabres couldn't get out of Round 1 to save their lives during that era.

From 1983 to 1996 the Sabres only got past the 1st round of the playoffs once. That was the May Day goal. Since 1996, they have gone past the 1st round 6 times. And 5 of those of those 6 times have been during the Regier/Ruff era. The current state of management has been the most successful, since the 70's on the ice.

Yes, I know Hasek, was a main reason for the late 90's success. As is Ryan Miller now. But Darcy knows what he is doing. Players didn't pan out like he thought they would. That happens. They aren't in a huge cap issue. And tweeks can be made to made to improve the roster.

But as the playoffs move on, I can just remember the old series and remember how fun they were. And if the Sabres make the playoffs next year, that fun and excitement will be back.

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