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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2 hours left

Well there's only 2 hours left before the trading session is closed till summer. And I'm sure its the busiest time of the whole year. So as we speak.

The Sabres made two moves.

First resigning Tim Connolly for 2 years at 9 million. Which is pretty much is price range and if he plays 75% of the games, it will be a deal. He's the Sabres top center and top centers get the big bucks. Its also a good sign for the club. They need all the confidence they can muster. For how long it seems that Connolly has been here, he's only 27. So there is plenty good years left in him.

There is no doubt the Sabres have a man crush on Tim Connolly and couldn't part with him. They have been super patient with him, in a non patient business. But they do need him and his talent, lets just hope he can play.

The other move is the trade for Mikael Tellqvist. He was acquired for a 4th round pick. Its obvious they need goaltender depth. Sending Enroth back to Portland, where he belongs. But does it also is signal a longer return for Ryan Miller, or just a need for help right now. It's a temporary stopgap for the rest of the season. And he won't be back next year. Think Conklin of a couple years ago. His numbers aren't spectacular but he doesn't have to be, just good enough. The Sabres need to score.

I don't think the Sabres are done. They need to score and they need a forward. They have defensive depth and could part with a d-man. I see Spacek for a 2nd or 3rd line forward. Maybe add a pick.

But we'll see. And then we get ourselves a game tonight.

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