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Monday, March 30, 2009

Getting past the Mainstream Media

I feel like most bloggers, that the mainstream media in this town is really out of touch with the average fan. They tend to try to stay objective, and I understand that, but in doing that they lose what the fan is thinking. Which leaves that space wide open for blogs to come in and capture the fans attention, showing that their is another voice out there. One of the common folk. And no doubt this other door will lead to changes in both papers and radio.

They keep on focusing about making the playoffs and not focusing on the current situation. The past 3 games are probably the way the team should have been playing for the past 70 games. Its entertaining and its fun to watch. And if they miss the playoffs, and the odds are stacked against them, its the last we'll see till October. But everybody is downplaying it. Then on the radio this morning I almost drove down to WGR to punch them in the face. Are you glad they won? What kind of dumbass question is that? Of course. I was tense during that shootout, I knew what was at stake and it raised the meaning of the game. It was fantastic. Howard Simon should be sent out to pasture. Seriously he is seriously devoid of any joy. Why would you root for your team to lose, so they can make changes? That may not work. Change doesn't lead to success. You have to pick the right people. And who knows if the right people are out there.

People, The SABRES ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS. Right now. Except its not a series, its a round robin single elimination. Its lose and go home. Every game means something. They are playing for something. The right to go to the tournament. The Sabres lose and they are done. Basically.

They are 4 points out of 8th spot and 5 points of 7th spot. With a game in hand on the Rangers. Neither the 8th or 7th team is hot.

The Rangers are 5-4-1 in their last 10 and 2-2-1 in their last 5

The Canadiens are 4-3-3 in their last 10 and also 2-2-1 in their last 5

Thats .500 hockey.

The Sabres if they win all of their games would have 96 points. Sooooo, the Rangers would have to go 3-3 for the Sabres to pass them. (Leaving them with 93 Points) And if the Canadiens go 4-3 in their next 7, they would be left with 94 points. The Sabres would leapfrog both, and I know I have not included Florida in the mix.

The Rangers Have NJ, Boston, Carolina, the Canadiens and Philly twice on their schedule. 3-3 or worse is a possibility.

The Canadiens have Chicago, the Islanders, the Leafs, The Sens, Rangers, Bruins and Pittsburgh on their schedule. Its not a hard looking schedule. But teams trying for position and spoilers are always hard to judge.

The Sabres have 7 games in 11 days. And its rough. Carolina, New Jersey, Boston, Washington, Detroit, Atlanta and the Leafs. Its a back to back road games next week. But you know what, if they want it, they can have it. Their goalie is back, their confidence and savior is behind them. Lets win em all. Because the fans would rather have the playoffs then watch their team stop in mid April.

Because they want their team to win. No matter how. After they finish the season, then we can talk about changes need to be made in the offseason. But lets wait till locker cleanout.


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