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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How to enjoy the Sabres.

Well there is no doubt the Sabres have been quite frustrating the past two years. Instead of letting them get to us. Lets have them entertain us, with their ineptitude. Enjoy the failure. Its our team. Why let them losing make us feel bad. We aren't the ones sucking at our job, well we could be, its just not on tv. Lets take what we can from these guys. So how can we better enjoy the Sabres, if they stay in their current state.

This isn't the team of 2 years ago, instead of expecting them to win, expect them to lose. When they win, its a bonus and fun.

Drinking, will help. In fact invent new Drinking games. Every time Jochen Hecht misses the net from inside 10 feet, take a drink. Every time Toni Lydman gets caught in a pinch, take a drink. Everytime you wonder, why don't they hit anyone, take a drink. Every time a forward takes a lazy penalty take a drink.

This way you'll be hammered midway through the 2nd and frustrations will be eased.

With ticket demand lower, you can pick up cheap tickets and go to the games. The games are fun. Going to them, will yes put money in the owners pocket, but that money he can spend on the players. (hopefully) Plus its always fun to head down to the arena. Plus you can see the grand canyon, otherwise known as the Aud.

Instead over overpaid underachievers, maybe the team can turn into lovable losers. Because obviously with lower attendence payroll will be shed, so they'll bring in lower paid guys. Who try hard, but aren't good enough. They will be easy to root for, but you'll understand why they lose, but you like them anyway. Like Marty Biron. He never really won alot, but people loved him.

And when they do reach the playoffs. It will be special again. The 06 playoffs were a ton more fun then the 07 playoffs. Expectations kill excitement I think. We need to not have any expectations. Let them win us back again.

And yes I think they are done. In fact its better they miss the playoffs and finish lower in the standings. Thats how changes that are necessary to be made are done. When you give a glimmer of hope, then the status quo is okay. But when things are bad, change is necessary. This team needs some tweaking, and missing the playoffs are the only way that happens.

And I don't care for the blame game, it goes nowhere. Darcy, The LQ or Tommy G, just Fix it.

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