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Monday, March 9, 2009

Un Bill evable


Well I know how, because no one else kicked the tires, apparently. And if Dallas would have traded him, the Bills would have saved money, but there would be 3 years left on the contract, and thats not a good idea with older WR's and especially for T.O. But 1 year for 6.5, I'm ok with that. They Bills aren't tight to the cap, have money to spend, so who cares if they spend too much.

But I honestly think this a great move. Its a jolt to the fanbase. That has quietly accepted we can't the Marquee names. Buffalo isn't a great place, it's not fun. Well maybe for some. But you can get the nice house here for nothing and the suburbs are exactly like any suburb in the country. Sure the weather is unstable. But whatever, if you want big city. Toronto is 2 hours away and NYC and Boston is a hour plane ride away. You can have all the fun without all the high property prices and expensive cost of living. Buffalo isn't that bad, just has a bad reputation.

Its a win win for both sides. Owens gets a nice big deal, and if he doesn't like it here, he's out after a year. If he becomes a distraction and a pain in the ass, the Bills are done with him, without any cap problems. Darcy Regier would love this deal. We all know he loves short term deals and he would love to have a superstar for one year to get him to the playoffs. Owens will play hard to get another big deal, before his bust gets made for Canton. He wants to catch Rice somewhere, you know it.

But what I love is little tidbit from today's Peter Kings MMQB.

Bills chief operating office Russ Brandon woke up sometime after midnight Friday morning and noticed there was a text message on his cell phone. So he reached over and looked. It was from Trent Edwards, the quarterback of the Bills. "T.O.'' That's all it said.

Brandon shot back with this: "?''

"T.O. was released. Go get him,'' Edwards texted back.

Trent is pretty bold, telling the GM what to do. Trent knows the history, but yet demanded that Russ go get him a weapon. And of course Dick Jauron gave the whole long answer to the short answer question.

Brandon still seemed surprised when I spoke to him late Sunday. "I went back to sleep,'' he said, "but I was stunned by it. The next morning, [coach] Dick Jauron and I talked, and he said, 'I think it's something we certainly should take a look at.' I put a call into [owner] Ralph Wilson, and he said, 'Absolutely look into it.' ''

Lee Evans wasn't mentioned, but I'm sure his answer was Hell Yeah! He is the guy who will benefit the most. The guy who will stop getting double teams and maybe see the ball more then 3 times a game. Somewhere JP Losman is going AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

But I guess the Bills aren't done. They know they aren't good enough and must add more talent. Then you look at this story. Roy Williams? Drew Rosenhaus? 4-3? Moving to Linebacker? NOOOOOOOOO! Russ don't pick up the phone!

Well you know why Owens will behave in Buffalo. He knows Marshawn is packing heat. And if Marshawn Lynch goes into Beast mode. Who knows what could happen. Well probably nothing.

But Lets Go Bills!!!

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