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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sabres Panthers Preview

Well, well, well. The Florida Panthers are in town, which means no excitement for this game. The last two games have sucked any excitement generated by the trade deadline and the following two games. Sure the team is having a bout with the flu, good timing. But did the whole team have it? I think Pominville, has had the flu all year. He is downright invisible most nights. Dominic Moore is alright, but nothing special. And Patrick Lalime is going back to Lalime.

But this is a very important game to say the least. For both teams. The Sabres absolutely, can't lose tonight. Or you might as well start packing up the lockers and making summer plans. Then the offseason should be fun. Because people get on Golisano for running a business model. But they guy went all in, to get a cup 2 years ago. Then the Drury thing blew up, but they were absolutely right not to give Danny the money.

With no playoffs for 2 straight year, ticket sales will plummett. Especially with people scared about their money. The team isn't as exciting, they are downright boring and frustrating at times. The good times from several years ago, are pretty much gone. So it will be interesting to see what happens. Will Darcy go, will Lindy go. Will both of them go? Larry Quinn, is more interested in keeping the business model, and if the actual income is down, someone will have to pay for that. Then there will some player movement. Not just the UFA's. Hecht is gone, Tallinder is gone and maybe someone else. There is young talent, now they just have to fleece someone to get to the extra level. The Rivet trade was a step. But they need to go further.

Really I don't care much for the Panthers, they have some good scoring with Horton, Weiss and Cory Stillman (get him on the Sabres) along with leading goal scorer David Booth. They aren't household names. They have 10 guys with 30 or more points and 11 guys with double digit goals. But no one over 50. The goaltenders are reason they are in games. Both guys with sv% over .920. They bring a team effort.

Also the first time Richard Zednick makes his return to Buffalo since almost dying. So that will be nice. But I don't know I'm missing a lot of this game because of a event I'm going to. Its the unveiling of the next season for Shea's. I'm a season ticket holder. Thats right. I'm cultured. Me and the Fiancee, hopefully getting our seats back, and the shows are good for next year.

Well I need something funny to end this post, I was scouring the youtubes, and found this gem from a local group. Its two years old, but I never saw anything about them.

There are more here. They are funny check em out.

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