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Monday, March 9, 2009

Who do I root for?

Well the MAAC Championships are tonight. Which to 99% of Americans is meaningless. But hey its my conference. I went to Canisius so I have actual feeling for teams in this conference. And tonight is a tough one. Because I really don't have a team to root for. First you have Niagara, who all Canisius grads hate, and hope only the worst possible outcome. But yet they seem to have success. And beat the Griffs constantly. Which is really aggravating. Its what got Mike McDonald fired and exiled to Medaille.

Then you got Siena.

Whom, always seem to be in thick of things, and they also ended the Griffs season. Which is not exceptable. The Saints know their role and thats to lose. So I can't really root for them. Siena is the less of two evils. Its in their home and it would be nice for the home crowd to celebrate, rather then the 40 people there for Niagara. Plus its Niagara, they should lose every game.

Well after Niagaras lucky win yesterday, they play a much better team at home. After playing till almost midnight and having less then 24 hours to rest. The Purple Eagles will succumb to a team thats similar to themselves.

So have fun in the NIT Niagara. BOOOOOOOO.

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