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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Throwback Time

Owens pissed, Jauron is holding up Evans jersey.

I totally made that up, but lets see anyone goes with it. But at the meetings out in California, they had a little AFL 50th anniversary thing, where all the original AFL teams will wear the throwbacks during the year. The Raiders really haven't changed much at all. But The Titans get the Derrick back on the helmet like it should be. And the Kansas City Chiefs will have the State of Texas on their helmets, even though they play in Missouri. And the Chargers wear the good powder blue uni's not their new version.

But I'm excited since the Opener will have the Bills and Patriots wearing throwbacks. So that game is going to look great. Because both unis are better then their current versions. Blue blandness on both their parts. Plus the Bills play the Titans in the Hall of fame game and both will wear the throwbacks. I personally think the Bills should go back to the old unis. But whatever, they have to get their money back on the newest versions. But more old throwbacks. Anytime the Titans play with Oilers uni's you can sign me up for that one. Broncos? I can skip that game.

But this all part of the bigger picture of the NFL meetings. Which means rule changes, rumors, and other things that no one thinks about. But the one thing I like is that 17 or 18 game regular season is coming in a couple years. (barring a strike) When I hear Peter King worrying about the welfare of the players, I'm like, who cares? Seriously tv networks wouldn't want to sell more ads for Football, instead of Snowboarding or Rodeo? Come on, its a slam dunk, tv will love it, fans will love it. The players might not. We all know is all about TV and the Fans. Plus it will be huge for Fantasy Football.

We are still a month away from the Draft, then the long march through OTA's and mini camps then finally Training camp. I can't wait for football. I don't care if the Bills aren't great. I just need me some football.

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TheTick said...

Best part of the Patriots wearing those throwbacks is being reminded of them getting hammered in SB20.

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