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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sabres Sens Preview

7:30pm at Ottawa

Tellqvist vs Elliott

Battle of two non playoff teams.


Well the last one between these two this year and thats a good thing for the Sabres. They can play well against everyone else in the division. Except the boys in black and red. They still think they are the tough Ottawa Senators and Chara and Redden are back there. Watching out for several lines of offense. Instead of the crappy defense and 1 line team they really are.

Well lets not say this is a must win game. Every game from now on is must win. There is no option to lose. They can't feel like its okay if they drop one. Its not. Just win out. And hope someone else struggles. I'm tired of win one lose one nonsense. Play consistent. Play hard every night, 60 minutes. Do they not understand that concept? Do they not understand why they don't win? Or they completely aloof of their own problems. They need an intervention or to be shipped out.

Pominville is great, when he doesn't have to be the star or super important.

Hecht is on the downslope

Vanek is Vanek

Goaltending hasn't been an issue, but defensive zone play has.

They are what their record says they are.

I'm tired of this team and they aren't real fun to watch anymore. I just want a 5 game winstreak. Because this up and down nonsense, just kills the fun.

I can't even do the previews like I used to, because I can't stand writing about these guys. Especially when Andrew "staged fight" Peters is back in the lineup, because Mair is hurt. Is Matt Ellis, that bad or they want a enforcer out there, in case things get ugly.

Whatever. Well this is the loss that ends the season tonight. Stick a fork in them.

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